N/R: Disqualified NPP Parliamentary Aspirant for Bimbila Constituency calls for calm 


A disqualified New Patriotic Party (NPP) parliamentary candidate for Bimbila constituency, Alhaji Ahmed Nuhu Zaruk, has admonished his supporters in the area to remain calm even in the midst of extreme provocation.

According to him, though they are not happy about the decision by the National Executive Committee (NEC) but it is prudent for his supporters to accept and respect the decision by the NEC. 

 “I respect the decision of the NEC of NPP and I want you to do the same although we are all not happy with it. Please calm down and be patient, Allah knows best. I beg you, insult no one and fight no one because of me. Let’s leave everyone with a hand in the grand plan that led to my disqualification to their conscience. God is watching us all”.

“Please let’s calm down. I know your tempers are very high at the moment, but you know what I represent, peace and development. We can’t have peace with anger, we can also not have development with anger. Sometimes people anger you so you lose your composure and make some mistakes for them to feed on. Please cool down, we are people of faith. We have faith in God and so let’s trust God. You have been calling and advising, sometimes warning me to do this or that. Please calm down. It’s not a good idea to take a decision when you are still very angry”, he stated. 

Alhaji Zaruk had filed to contest against the incumbent Member of Parliament Dominic Nitiwul, also the Minister of Defense, but his ambition was cut short by the disqualification. 

He was accused of failing to sign some portion of the nomination forms. 

However, addressing his supporters at the Bimbila market square over the weekend, Alhaji Zaruk accused the incumbent MP Dominic Nitiwul and the Northern Regional Executives of the party of preconceiving his disqualifications. 

He urges his supporters to be careful and not allow someone to plunge the constituency into any ethnic, or chieftaincy violence.

“Why did the elections committee in Bimbilla not see the unsigned portion and draw my attention during the submission of the nomination form? Why did they not call me to sign anything on the form from here if indeed they saw anything wrong? These are all questions that indicate that there has been a well orchestrated plan to deny the NPP delegates of BIMBILLA constituency the opportunity to make a choice of their preferred parliamentary candidate. That could be the reason why some agents of Hon. Nitiwul called me on the day of picking my nomination form to ask me to step aside for him to contest as an unopposed candidate,” he said. 

“We have to be careful that someone doesn’t plunge this constituency into any ethnic, or chieftaincy violence. I saw that coming when I was invited to sign a form in BIMBILLA. I picked intelligence that it was to provoke people to be violent. I told the constituency and regional secretaries that I wasn’t coming because that could undermine our security. So why were they so insistent on me coming to BIMBILLA, knowing they were coming to do what they did. Please let’s be patient and let’s avoid anything that will lead to even a single person getting hurt,” he narrates. 

Alhaji Zaruk while urging his supporters to remain calm, also stated that, “I will be consulting you, our elders and chiefs in the coming days to be sure we take a decision that is in the best interest of the constituency”.

Story By: Alhassan Yakubu |www.diamondfmonline.com |Ghana.

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