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Driver in his 20s, survive being slaughtered by suspected killers in Kumbungu District

Tragically, a ‘yellow yellow’ driver believe to be in his 20s was fortunate enough to survive from a close encounter with killers within Gumo electoral area of the Kumbungu District in the Northern Region.

The incident, according to the victim (name withheld) occurred on Thursday night between 11pm to 12am when the culprit who is currently on the run, hired his powering tricycle machine with a lady at Sognaayili Junction and told him to take them to Gumo.

He further narrated that, “upon reaching the community, the guy asked me to use the road going to Kpilinying, but I became afraid after I realized there weren’t many houses in front. So, I asked them of their destination, and they never mind me. I stopped the machine and said I was not going further. The guy held me at the back and try to cut my throat with a knife. I struggled with him and scream louder. And, some good Samaritans from a neighboring house rush out and rescued me. He nearly slaughter me if not because of the sound of a gun fire by the residents”.

An eye witness (name withheld) who rescue the victim on his part, narrated that, “around 11pm, they almost slaughter the ‘yellow yellow’ driver behind my house. We heard a noise outside. When we came out, we realized that the noise we heard was unbecoming. So, we took a vantage point to find out what was going on. Because we didn’t know the kind of weapons they were holding. My brother decided to fire a gunshot to disperse them. They took to their heels, and the one they tried slaughtering run towards us. But we didn’t see the attackers”.

“We interrogated the victim, and he said they begged him for dropping and he volunteered to help them. And so, we decided to mount a search around the vicinity about an hour. We found the lady who was with them suspected to be a Nigerian lying in the bush. We questioned her, and the only story she gave was, “I’m an ‘ashawo’. I charged the ,’killer’ ¢250 for the night, and I swear I don’t know anything about this”.

Meanwhile, the Assembly man for Gumo electoral area, Sulemana Alhassan after the incident, confirm the incident to and indicated that the lady has been handed over to the police for further interrogation and investigations.

Crime is on its rise within the greater Tamale these days. Many of them are from shooting incidences to stealing of cars and motorbikes.

Story By: Alhassan Yakubu | |Ghana

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