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Provide regular training to security agencies, to deal with sophisticated nature of crimes in the country-Adib Saani

A security analyst, Adib Saani is advocating a mandatory regular training module for all security personal in the country to equip them with modern way to detecting and combating crime in society.

According to him, the increasing rate of sophisticated crimes in the country and the inability of the security to deal with them hands on could be attributed to the colonial crime fighting method employed by the police.

Speaking to Diamond news in an interview, the security analyst lamented that many of the security personnel had not had any form of training after 10 years of joining the service, adding that this incapacitates them from employing modern tactics to combat crimes.

“Things have charged so you cannot train a police officer 10 years ago and expect him to still work effectively on that level of training; they need to be re-trained over and over again on the job. We are now having issues with terrorism, have they been trained on terrorism, or is just the theoretical part do they do the practical part?? How do you detect activities of a terrorist cell, when they streak and how do we go about with the investigation?”, he quizzed.

“Just recently some three people were arrested at Odorko immediately all over social media everybody knew is going to be a terrorism investigation, the information was poorly managed I must say, you don’t do things like that when you dealing with terrorism issues but I don’t fully blame them, have they gone through some rigorous and vigorous training on terrorism?”, Adib Further questioned

Adib Saani also indicated that, the increasing numbers of unregistered weapons in the country was alarming and urged government and the security agencies to find ways of reducing its circulation.

Ghana may be on be treading on a dangerous path if the government sits aloof without clamping down on civilians with unregistered weapons. Edward

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