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N/R: Killer speed rumps in parts of the metropolis, cause of delays in responding to fire situations-GNFS

Northern regional Public relations officer of the Ghana National Fire service, Assistant Station Officer, Adam Gbanazaba says is blaming inadequacies of water hydrants and the many speed rumps within the Tamale Metropolis for their inability to respond quickly to fires.

According to him, the many speed rumps roads slow down their fire-engines whenever there were called to emergencies whiles the only water hydrants in use was located distance away from readiness.

“We have a serious problem on speed rams, before you get to our office we have more than six speed rams on the road and is everywhere in Tamale which is a very big worry to Fire service, we are using fire engines, we ourselves are using lives and the driver cannot fly with the vehicle to the fire scene but the speed rams are stampeding the speed of our vehicles so we are appealing to the Tamale Metro assembly when they are constructing speed rams they should take fire service and other emergency service into consideration”, he lamented.

“We have only 6 water hydrants and is only 1 that is vibrant (where we have water always). Ghana Water Company also tells us they are doing water rationing so if they is fire at a place you can go there and if water company is not pumping water to that place even if there is a hydrant but you can’t get water”, ASO Gbanzaba further revealed.

Speaking to Diamond news in an interview, the regional Fire Service PRO, cautioned the public to respect the emergency sirens of the security agencies by giving way to them to quickly response to emergencies.

“Anytime you hear the serine be it fire service, police or any authorized vehicle please give way, it could be your father, mother, brother, sister or any of your family members or a friend but in most cases people will want to turn their back and see which vehicle is coming before they give way, is bad the car can hit you”, he stated.

Speaking about fires outbreaks in the past year, he said the Northern region recorded a reduction in fire cases from 384 cases in 2016 to 370 at the close of year 2017.

Assistant Station Officer Gbanazaba however said domestic fires in the region rather increased from 177 in 2016 to 190 in 2017.

ASO Adam Gbanazaba said the reduction in fire cases in the year 2017 was as a result of increased sensitization and educational programs in the media and other strategies embarked upon by the Ghana national Fire Service.

He urged the public to be vigilant whiles using electrical appliances and gas both at home and their work places.
Meanwhile, in 2018, the service had dealt with some 30 fire cases. Zorre Edward

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