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Alliance for Women in Media Africa workshop on women aspiring leadership positions ends in Tamale

The Alliance for Women in Media Africa (AWMA) has organized a training workshop in Tamale , for women aspiring to take up leadership positions in the up coming local level or District assembly elections.

The training which also targeted some journalists who cover women and gender issues was to among others equip the participants with gender-sensitive reporting and communication skills.

The workshop facilitated by Ms. Shamima Muslim, a journalist-trainer and advocate, provided opportunities for the trainees and especially the female aspirants to enhance their campaign strategies on how to engage the media effectively.

Recognizing the importance of gender-sensitive reporting in shaping public perception, AWMA underscored the need for women aspirants to have a voice and be represented fairly in the media during election campaigns.

Madam Muslim explained that the workshop was to help bridge the gender gap in political reporting and also to empower women to confidently articulate their narratives and aspirations while navigating various media platforms.

Participants and experts went through various aspects of gender-sensitive reporting and communication. They discussed the influence of media on political discourse, emphasizing the importance of inclusive language, avoidance of stereotypes, and promotion of gender equality in political reporting.

The sessions also addressed the ethical dimensions of responsible journalism and the role journalists play in promoting inclusivity in the democratic space.

Ms. Muslim shared her experiences by providing valuable insights into how women aspirants can navigate the challenges they may face during their election campaigns.

Ms. Muslim said, “The Alliance for Women in Media Africa aims to empower women to have their voices heard during election campaigns. Our goal is to create an inclusive media landscape that promotes balanced reporting and encourages more women to participate in political decision-making processes.”

Ms. Muslim also highlighted the importance of the upcoming district-level election and expressed her hope that the knowledge gained from the workshop will empower the women aspirants to run effective campaigns and contribute to the overall progress and development of their respective districts.

The female aspirants expressed their gratitude for the opportunity to learn from industry experts and network with fellow candidates, journalists, and media professionals.

They emphasized the significance of gender-sensitive reporting in promoting fair electoral processes and creating an environment conducive to women’s political participation.

The Alliance for Women in Media Africa’s training workshop marked a significant step towards promoting gender-sensitive reporting and equitable political representation.

The success of the initiative demonstrates the dedication of organizations like AWMA in breaking gender barriers and empowering women to actively participate in politics, with the hope that district-level elections in 2023 will witness increased representation and inclusion.

Story By: Ewurama Attoh | |Ghana.

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