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Hundreds of youth groups including women and children of the Dagbon traditional area joined the leadership of Dagbon Malima Zugu (DAMAZ), an advocacy group over the week end,to embark on a peace walk in Tamale to press home their readiness in supporting the implementation of the final road map to the Dagbon chieftaincy dispute.

Cladded in whit attire, the youth marched through some principal streets of the metropolis with placards, some of which read: ” Dagbon Dignity Must be Restored for the future generation”, “We Need a Ya- Naa Now”, “The Media Must Report Responsible in this trying moment”, among others

National leaders of the two feuding factions, the Abudu and Andani who have battled for their respective personal interest for about sixteen years, also participated the peace walk and displayed their readiness to give peace a chance in Dagbon ahead of the performance of the two funerals of the late kings of Dagbon.

The peace walk followed the conclusion of the work of the eminent Kings who settled that a 14 day period, starting from December 14-28, 2018, has been allocated to the Abudus to gain access to the old Gbewaa Palace to perform the funeral of the late Yaa-Naa, Mahamadu Abdulai IV,whilst Yaa Naa Yakubu Andani’s funeral will also be performed from 4th -18th January,2019.

Chairman of the Dagbon Malima Zugu (DAMAZ) ,Alhaji Baako Jagbo addressed the participants after the walk at the Jubilee park and stated that the inhabitants of the area had had enough of the Abudu and Andani mantra in Dagbon traditional area, and applauded traditional rulers of Dagbon for accepting the decision of the three eminent chiefs.

“We are happy that the two factions have decided, with the Otumfuo-led committee to end the Abudu/Andani feud in Dagbon”. He said.

“Let us take this opportunity to applaud our fathers and royals for their decision to end the Abudu/Andani impass. We also call on our fathers to do more. If there are still issues that are not in tandem with Dagbon customs, let our revered royals use their wisdom, and we trust their wisdom, to do indoor jaw jaw. We believe that the final road map must be accepted as the final way to go.”

He further assured the regional Security Council of the Dagbon youth’s commitment to the road map, and however advised the security to deal decisively with any youth who may want to destabilize the peace of Dagbon.

“We would appeal to the Abudu gate and Andani gate to respect the terms of the final road map to peace. Let the students, women, children, aged, vulnerable, and business men and women in Dagbon have a full assurance of hope and prosperity. All our ancestors, from Na-Gbewaa through to Naa Mahamadu IV and Naa Yakubu Andani II must all have rest now, Dagbon must re-awake from its long slumber.”

Leader of Damaz Alhaj Baako Jagbo


Story by our reporter: Alhassan Yakubu


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