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NPP takes on John Mahama over support to tidal waves victims in Keta, Anlo, and Keta South

The Savanna Regional Communications Director of the NPP Issah Mohammed has descended heavily on former President John Dramani Mahama, for his quick support to the tidal waves victims in Keta, Anlo, and Ketu South.

According to the NPP Communications director, Mr. Mahama did not show any support when flooding stroke in some parts of the Savanna Region include his own backyard in 2020 and 2021.

Issah said the former President, despite enjoying electoral fortunes for decades from people of the Savanna Region, he cared less about his own people when the flood hit the area but was quick to respond to that of Keta, Anlo and Keta South.

Former President John Dramani Mahama on Saturday November 13, 2021 donated 2,000 bags of rice, 2,000 student mattresses, 1,000 cans of tomato paste, 1,000 gallons of cooking oil and other items to victims of the tidal waves in Keta, Anlo, and Ketu South in the Volta Region.

But in a sharp contrast, the NPP communication Director in a press statement said the former president John Dramani Mahama declined to visit the Savannah region when flood hit the area and rendered over 7,000 people homeless.

“What exactly have the people of Gonjaland done to the former President to warrant this maltreatment” Issah questioned.

Read full statement below



The Former President of the republic, John Dramani Mahama has once again confirmed to the world, that the electoral fortunes he enjoyed for decades from his own people have never been appreciated by him.

This unconscious admission stems from his recent effusions at keta. The former President in his submission at Keta said and I humbly quote “even if you cannot provide them with anything, just a visit to show that you care about them is important”. The penchant of the former President and his incapable NDC to politicize everything in this country is remarkably repugnant.

The home of the Former President Mahama got flooded in 2020. Salaga, Yapei, Buipe, Daboya, Damango and their environs got heavily flooded in their homes and farms somewhere last year. More than 5,000 residents were affected. Our own brother who comes across today as one sympathetic being never showed up. He never also came to his people with a penny.

This year as well, residents of Bole District(the home of Mr. Mahama’ biological father); Nsunua, Tenyekura, Dakrupe, Ntereso, Chibrinyou, Agblekame, Bole, Mempeasem, Bole Choribang, Jama nsunua were hugely flooded. In Sawla Tuna Kalba; Bawuriyiri, Gbegu, Weigu-Kura, Samanbo, Siekura, Kulwong, Kawie and Dinie were equally affected. The road from the hometown of Former President Mahama’ biological mother, Busunu-Daboya was cut-off. Indeed, this was a road that he dashed to his biological brother but the poor job contributed hugely to that disaster. He never came down with a penny as, neither did he come down with a grain of rice.

Again, more than 7,000 residents were affected directly in this case, yet Mr. Mahama never thought it wise to visit any of these towns nor donate a pesewa to them. Mr. Mahama rather thought it wise to sympathize with the residents of Keta and went ahead to donate trailer loads of items and significant cash to them.

It is more worrying to note, that the numbers of residents affected in the case of the former President’ home Region (Savannah) far outweigh the numbers in Keta.

What exactly has the people of Gonjaland done to the former President to warrant this maltreatment? Is it the case that we don’t deserve any respect or sympathy? Is it the case that we don’t deserve the aid that the former President is admonishing some others to offer? When will Gonjaland benefit from the “political benevolence” of the former President in return for the political mileage he has received from us?

May I admonish the former President and his NDC to desist from their incurable desire to run to town with petty partisan propaganda. This must be called out by all decent Ghanaians.

The people of Gonjaland demands an unqualified apology for the wanton display of neglect as confirmed by former President Mahama. We demand that a similar consignment as donated to the good people of Keta or more is sent to the victims of this year’s disaster. This must be done in earnest. We have done enough for former President Mahama and his NDC and therefore also deserve the goodies he is giving out to others. He must do to us what he’s preaching to others to do to the people of Keta.

Thank you and may the Almighty Allah bless us all.

Mohammed Issah

Director of Communications, Savannah Regional NPP

Story by: Alhassan Yakubu |

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