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A son of a nation
Was born in Gumbiliyayili;
On the red soils of Gukpɛɣu
He sowed the sweat that’ll bear shade;
On the scorching fields of Kaladan
He burned his feet, peeled his skin,
Bruised his knees, fractured his bones,
To walk the paths of many greats.

Hard-work conceived a seedling
That grew in a rock amidst drought;
Determination bore a humble lad
Who looked at the stars and kept climbing;
Perseverance nurtured a traveller
Whose journey leaned on God’s grace,
And God made a gracious path
On whom he walked to stardom.

Even at the pinnacle of his journey,
He looks back with humility,
Flips telling pages of his past,
Makes his heart haven of kindness;
Some call him ‘the generous Mubarak’,
Others call him ‘the unrelenting giver’,
And in his kindest of kind hearts,
He gives because God has given him.

Bearer of our mother’s flag,
Passionate soldier of a Black Star,
Defender of our land’s crest,
Whose love for Ghana draws not only sweat
But also tears when our mother is down;
Wakaso – pride of Red, Gold and Green.

Author: Alhassan Rabiu

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Abdulai Majeed


Abdulai Majeed

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