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The sixteen (16) year old TAMASCO rape victim (name withheld) wants the Chiefs, Imams, and other opinion leaders who are meddling on the matter to back off and allow the laws of the country to deal with the rapist who happen to be a sports teacher at TAMASCO.

According to her, ever since the incident happened, there has been calls from opinion leaders, Imams and Chiefs who have been “asking my parents to temper justice with mercy”,  and drop the case against the teacher who “forcefully lured and raped me and broken my virginity in the act”.

“I can’t comprehend why our elders want this man to go free without being arrested and prosecuted, upon what he did to me? I just don’t get it! And will they be happy if this happen to their daughters or sister?”, she quizzed.

“I don’t think I can forgive him for what he has done to me. I want the laws of this country to deal with him. And so I want my respected Chiefs and Imams, who are putting pressure on my family, and asking them to withdraw the case from the police to be settled at home to stay off, because we will not budge to their pressure”, she warned.

It is allege that some prominent chiefs and Imams in the Tamale Metropolis are putting pressure on the family of the victim to withdraw the case from the police for home settlement.

The girl narrating her horrifying story to said, she needs a transfer to a different school because the incident still affects her negatively in the school, and that  her colleague students are stigmatising her by pointing fingers at her in the school.

 “My colleagues now point fingers at me whenever they see me either on campus or in the classroom. I can’t even concentrate during teaching and learning session in the class. Even my community members now talk about me in a very bad manner”, she narrated.

Razak Alhassan, popularly known as Star Boy,  is still on the run after allegedly raped the 16 year old girl of the school.

Razak Alhassan, a sports teacher of TAMASCO, is said to have lured the girl into a friend’s apartment in Sagnarigu, and forcibly had sex with her, during her mensuration period.

The incident happened when the suspect, promise to gained boarding house status for the victim after securing admission to the victim’s brother (name withheld).  The suspect upon requesting the victim to come with her admission form, then asked her to accompany him to some place since the Assistant Headmaster who is going to effect the changes, is still with some visitors.

The suspect then drove to his Sagnarigu apartment where he demanded to have sex with the victim after a long conversation but she refused. And the suspect then pounds on her, held her tight, covered her mouth and forcefully raped her.

Source:AlhassanYkubu | | Ghana

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