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COVID-19: “Join me. I am ready to lead the volunteered group to support our health workers” – Sheikh Abdul Mumin Dalhu

The Northern Regional chief Imam of Shia Muslim community, Sheikh Abdul Mumin Dalhu has proposed the formation of volunteered group to support health workers at the front line in fighting against COVID-19in the region.  

According to him, government and  health workers cannot do it alone, hence, there is the need for the clergy most especially the Muslim Scholars in the region to rise and support health workers in the event of fighting the spread of the deadly coronavirus.

Sheikh Abdul Mumin Dalhu indicated that the spread of the virus is very scary; therefore it is prudent to take major steps to combat the spread of the disease.

The spiritual leader opined that the ratio of health workers at the various hospitals in the region is inadequate, and that they need a standby team to support them in an event of outbreak of the deadly disease in the region.

 “We can’t leave them to be handling this alone they need our support”, he stated.  

 “This fight is for all of us. This is what we Muslim called Jihadi and so therefore we must show our leadership of protecting our people against this deadly disease. We, the clergy are the representative of prophet Mohammed (S.A.W) , and therefore I am appealing to all clergy most especially Islamic Scholars in the region to join me to form a volunteered group to support health workers in the event of wide spread of COVID – 19”, he called.   

“Islam is a complete way of live. It cares for humanity, and so therefore we must take the lead as scholars of Islam if we really believed what we preach to our people. Join me. I am ready to lead the volunteered group in the region to support our health workers in the region”, he assured.

Sheikh Abdul Mumin Dalhu made this proposal on Diamond FM in an interview with Mohammed Ibn Abdallah  

The Chief Imam of Shia community in the northern region who doubled as chief of Housa Zongo , also announced that he will be releasing a spiritual water (RUKIYA) for the strengthening of the immune system against the deadly COVID – 19.

“Very soon I will be releasing a special RUKIYA for the strengthening of the immune system against COVID – 19 a combination of fifteen measures, and this special RUKIYA will surely help the society”, he stated.

Sheikh Dalhu also called on residents within the Tamale metropolis to abide by the government directive to avoid been affected by the deadly novel coronavirus, saying “refusing to adhere to government directives is unislamic”.

He added that the consistent intake of water is good for the body and helps the system against dehydration.

Ghana has recorded 52 cases of the pandemic with two deaths so far.

Source:AlhassanYakubu | | Ghana

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