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Women are more intelligent than men – Uncle Ebo Whyte

Once again, Uncle Ebo Whyte has shared an eye-opener regarding courtship and marriage. According to the astute relationship counsellor, women are more intelligent than men (in the same age bracket). Hence there should be a certain degree of allowance regarding the actions of these men.

Uncle Ebo Whyte made this submission on the TV3 NewDay show, where he explained the intricacies of the male-female relationship.

He said, “I say this, and a lot of people take issue with it. Women are more intelligent than men. And so, quite often, women come with a strategy. And often, the man does not know what hit him.

If a woman schemes, every other woman can see through the scheme immediately. And sometimes the frustration of women who are close to a man is like, Can’t you see it? Because for you (women) with your intelligence and everything, it is so obvious. But he is blissfully going along, and he is not aware of what is being set up.”

Uncle Ebo Whyte explained that the obliviousness of men may hurt their relationships if that ‘fault’ is not taken into account. He urged women to look out for characteristics that show if a man is willing to unlearn and learn.

“Please, men grow. At the time you marry us (men), we are often not at your level, especially if the age difference is just about two or one years. In the ways of life, you (women) are way out there, and we (men) are nowhere. Mentally and emotionally, we (men) are not there.

And therefore, if you see that he has focus, he cherishes you, has a bit of sense, and he is the kind of person who is teachable, go with him.”

He also gave a scenario on how a teachable and sensible man behaves when his ignorance has been called out. If cautioned that anyone who reacts angrily and violently to correction is a ticking time bomb.

“He may not be at your level, but he is also quick to pick reason when you reason with him. Somebody may not know what he is doing is wrong, but if you say, my brother, what you did is disrespectful. And he goes like, really, I didn’t know that. I thought I was just having fun. Then he has sense.”

Story by Grace Somuah-Annan

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