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US National cautions government over its signing of the US-Ghana Defense Treaty

The founder of Alafei Food Company, Claude D. Convisser is alleging that a defense treaty between Ghana and United States of America has created a fertile ground for potential terrorism activities in the Northern parts of the country.

According to the US national with business interest in the Northern Region, Islamic jihadist and other militants operating within neighboring West Africa countries now see Ghana as an ally of the United States in the defense sector and this could increase chances of being targeted by these terrorists.

There has been a rise in police and military patrol in the Northern Ghana and this; he indicated is as a result of such potential threats.

“The rise in police and military patrol in the Northern Ghana is not because the militants invention from Togo or other neighboring countries, but is because of the potential threat by these jihadists in this part of the country, and the US-Ghana Defense Treaty is inviting this potential terrorist activities” he alleged.

Claude Convisser at a press briefing in Tamale therefore suggested to the government of Ghana to withdraw from the Ghana – United States treaty in order to curb the activities of the terrorists.

“I love the Ghanaian people, you are the most gentle considered across the world, and I have confidence the government will consider the decision and withdrew from the US – Ghana defense treaty,” he said.

He also called on government not to open the new terminal at the Tamale Airport and the other road networks that will allow the airport to be used as a delivery point for Military personnel and Military equipment by North Americans and other European countries.

“It is good to have flights from Tamale to Saudi Arabia during the Hajj period, but that huge sum of money was put there so that the Europeans and North Americans could use the Northern part of Ghana to attack the Militants at the neighboring West African countries,” he alleged.

Story By: Alhassan Yakubu

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