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Sule Sambian takes on Mahama over his North East tour.

The North East Regional Secretary of the ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP), Lawyer Sule Sambian, has blasted former president, John Dramaini Mahama, for saying the NPP led Nana Addo administration has abandoned projects across the country

The opposition NDC 2020 flagbearer during his tour in the North East region complained that the Akofo Addo led administration had abandoned projects the NDC administration initiated before leaving the office.

The former presidents claimed that his administration commence work on the Nalerigu – Bunkpurugu road before leaving office in January 2017. But it has been abandoned by the NPP government.

However, in a quick rebuttal, the NPP North East scribe disputed the former Presidents’ claims, saying “the former President forgot that he couldn’t campaign in the Bunkpurugu and Yunyoo constituencies in the 2016 elections because he failed to deliver on his promise to fix the road before the 2016 elections?

Read the full statement bellow


The former president of the Republic of Ghana, H. E John Dramani Mahama took his thank you tour to the North East Region on Wednesday 18th August, 2021. The purpose of his tour, according to him as he announced on Tizaa FM 107.5 in Nalerigu, was to thank the good people of the region that was created by H.E Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo for voting for him (JM) in the December 2020 elections.

It was however clear from his presentations on radio that he was embarking on his 2024 campaign, and in the process made deliberate, factual inaccurate statements. This release is intended to set the records straight:

First, the former president categorically stated that his government had commenced work on the Nalerigu – Bunkpurugu road before leaving office in January 2017. I almost fell off from my seat upon hearing that from the former president. How could John Mahama look at us in our faces and insult us that much?

On behalf of the good people of the North East Region, I ask the former president and his apparatchiks the following questions:

1. who was the contractor the road was awarded to?

2. when was the project awarded?

How could the former president forget that he couldn’t campaign in the Bunkpurugu and Yunyoo constituencies in the 2016 elections because he failed to deliver on his promise to fix the road before the 2016 elections? As the then president of the Republic of Ghana and also the presidential candidate for the NDC for the 2012 elections, JM made a firm pledge on a campaign platform in Bunkpurugu, that he would fix the Nalerigu – Bunkpurugu road before 2016 if the good people of the Bunkpurugu constituency voted for him in the 2012 elections.

The people of the Bunkpurugu constituency, who fell for the promise of Mr. Mahama voted massively for him. After victory the former president characteristically failed to honour his campaign promise. This informed the basis for his failure or inability to come to the Bunkpurugu Constituency to campaign during the 2016 elections.

Secondly, the former president intimated that creating a new region was not about merely redemarcating the boundaries, but that it had to do with putting in place physical infrastructure to really give it a regional status. He bemoaned what he called lack of development for the two-year-old North East Region to make it look like a region.

It was deeply shocking if not traumatic to hear the former president comparing Nalerigu, the North East Regional capital, to far older regional capitals like Tamale and Bolgatanga. Isn’t that a shameful

comment for the former president to make? Development, it is trite learning is a process; Development is never an event. For a former president to miss basic fact that cannot be subject to reasonable argument beats our minds. 

Even though propaganda is free it can be very costly to a former president who is seeking re-election. The former president missed an opportunity to redeem his image that has sunk to abysmal levels.

We in the North East Region know very well that if not for the government of H. E Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, there wouldn’t be any region called the North East Region. The former president JM had the opportunity to govern this country for 8 years, first as a vice president and later as the president. Did he not know that the good people of the North East Region deserved a region? If JM as president of Ghana couldn’t create a region for his kinsmen the Gonjas who had yearned for a region for over 20 years, how could he ever think of giving the people of the North East Region our own region? From the benefit of hindsight, if the former president had won the 2016 elections, the king of Mamprugu and his Chiefs would never have dreamt of applying for a region because we knew our request wouldn’t be granted. The sages say that if the crab says it will give you a cap, look at its head.

Since JM pretends not to know about development projects currently being undertaken in the North East Region, we need to offer enlightenment to him on where we are with regards to development:

1. The Regional Coordinating Council is under construction in Nalerigu.

2. Ghana health service regional directorate is under construction in Gambaga.

3. Ghana Education Service regional directorate is under construction in Walewale.

4. Regional directorate of Food and Agriculture is under construction in Yagaba.

5. Regional offices of department of feeder roads is under construction in Bunkpurugu.


1. The town roads of Nalerigu, the regional capital have been asphalted

2. Gambaga town roads are asphalted

3. Walewale town roads are asphalted

4. Bunkpurugu town roads are under construction

5. Chereponi town roads are under construction

6. The longest road in the region, the Nalerigu – Nakpanduri – Bunkpurugu road is under construction.

7. The Nalerigu – Gbintiri road, leading to the biggest market in Northern Ghana is under construction.

8. Wulugu – Kpasinkpe road is under construction

9. Nasia-Janga road is under construction

10.Yagaba-Kubori-Mankarigu roads are under construction

11. Kubori-Zanwara road is under construction

12. Weisi-Yizesi-Taantala road is under construction


1. An ultramodern hospital is under construction in Walewale

2. The North East Region is benefiting from Agenda 111 as follows:

i. A regional hospital, ii. District hospital at Bunkpurugu

iii. District hospital at Yunyoo, iv. District hospital at Chereponi

v. District hospital at Yagaba, 3. Zipline center in Walewale


1. An ultramodern model Science SHS in Kpasinkpe , 2. New Senior High Schools in the following communities in the region:

i. Sakogu , ii. Langbinsi, iii. Janga, iv. Gbintiri

3. Classroom blocks in all the old SHSs in the region ,4. Dormitory facilities in all the old SHSs in the region.


1. Nalerigu town water project completed, 2. Gambaga town water project completed

3. Walewale town water project completed


1. Land has been secured for the construction of the regional police headquarters

 2. Land has been secured for the construction of the regional military command ,3. Offices of the Divisional police have been built in Gambaga.

Admittedly, more needs to be done for the Region. The NPP government under Nana Addo has never pretended, even remotely, that it has completed development of our dear region. Buttom line however is that the government has shown tremendous commitment towards the development of the North East Region, and our people are eternally grateful to the government.

Prior to the 2020 elections, I threw a challenge to the Regional Executives of the NDC to make time at my expense to embark on an “infrastructure tour challenge”. To the best of my knowledge the challenge is still outstanding. I am still willing, able and ready to embark on this challenge anytime of the day with the NDC.

Sulley Sambian, North East Regional Secretary

Story by: Yakubu Alhassan

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