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Sagnarigu Assembly Members vow to retrieve two Assembly vehicles they have accused their MCE of auctioning to herself

Assembly Members of the Sagnarigu Municipal Assembly have accused their caretaker Municipal Chief Executive (MCE), Hajia Mariam Iddrisu of auctioning two assembly vehicles to herself under questionable circumstances.  

They have thus threatened to take back the two vehicles currently in the possession of the MCE.

According to the Sagnarigu Municipal Assembly Members; due processes weren’t followed in the auctioning of the two vehicles.

It is alleged the vehicles in question are a Nissan Patrol and a Nissan pick-up. Commenting on the issue on Diamond FM’s, Siasa Saha, (A DAGBANI POLITICAL TALK SHOW), Assemblyman for Choggu Hilltop Electoral Area, Yakubu Osman, described the processes as “criminal,” saying “the auctioning of assembly vehicles, often emerged from collective decisions, but in this case, it was an individual decision.” 

According to him, management of the Assembly and the Assembly Members never convened any general meeting to discuss issues relating to the auctioning of, if any, un-serviced vehicles of the assembly let alone vehicles in use.

 “This is a criminal act because our MCE, Hajia Mariam Iddrisu never consulted any member of the assembly before allegedly auctioning the assembly’s two vehicles to herself,” Yakubu Osman stated.

The assembly man for Choggu who is also the Social Service Sub- Committee Chairman of the assembly indicated that “none of the various Sub-Committees including the Presiding Member (PM) of the assembly were consulted before such an illegal act was perpetrated.”

He explained that, before any auctioning will take place, it is incumbent on the members of the assembly to hold a general house meeting where such a decision would be arrived at,  however he Yakubu Osman insisted that, that never happened at the Sagnarigu Municipal Assembly, “we only had the information via some newspaper advertising regarding the auctioning of the two vehicles,” he stated. 

Yakubu Osman could not understand how, the Sagnarigu Assembly which is already challenged in terms of lack of transport in carrying out its functions would at the same time be putting two strong vehicles out on auction to an individual, without proper consultations?

The said Nissan pick- up which is in possession of the MCE was supposed to be used by the revenue office to mobilize revenue for the assembly, whiles the Nissan petrol also in her possession supports her day-to-day activities including conveying her children to school among other functions. Hence, he added that it is untrue that the disputed vehicles have all broken down and unserviceable.

You see, those two vehicles they have auctioned, we the members of the Assembly will take them back,” he assured.

Meanwhile the Municipal Chief Executive for Sagnarigu, Hajia Mariam has declined to comment on the issue when Diamond FM reached out to her on phone.

Story By: Alhassan Yakubu

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