NPP accuse NDC MP for collecting Gh¢11,500 from four communities in the Northern Region


The Communication Directorate of the ruling New Patriotic party (NPP), in the Savelugu Constituency of the Northern Region have accused the incumbent Member of Parliament (MP) of the area Honorable Yakubu Wumbenkpang of collecting Gh¢11,500 under the guise of constructing dam for four communities within the constituency.

The communities they mentioned include Yong, Damdu, Chaalam and Nyetua.

Speaking at a press conference in response to the NDC presser on the Savelugu Rice Processing Factory, the Communication Director of NPP in the Savelugu constituency Abubakari Abdul Gafaru, said the MP went to the people in these four communities and charge each household to contribute Gh¢100 cedis to enable him construct dam for them.

He claimed, “out of this unscrupulous open thuggery, an amount of Gh¢11,500 was realized. “The legislator at large had since bolted with the money, and the dam is yet to be constructed”.  

“The Deputy Communication Officer of the NDC for the Savelugu constituency, one Mr. Adam Ibrahim is on record to have confirmed this unparliamentary conduct on Might FM a local radio station in Savelugu during a political panel discussion. All efforts to reach out to the MP for the recovery of the money had proved futile”, he added.

 He said the four (4) communities have since declared the MP wanted.

“This is the mercy leadership the opposition is offering us. This is a clear case of terrorism perpetrated by Mbe Wumbenkpang and the NDC on these innocent four communities”, he mentioned.

Meanwhile, responding on the allegation on Diamond FM Siasa Saha a Dagbani Political Talk Show on Thursday December 15, 2022, the Deputy Communication Officer of the NDC in the Savelugu constituency Mr. Adam Ibrahim, has since denied the NPP claims saying, “the MP never charge any household in the above-mentioned communities to contribute Gh¢100, for him to construct a dam for us. It was rather we the community members who came out with this decision to support the MP, and the money is currently with me. The MP never took the money away”, he said.

The two major political parties in the Savelugu constituency of the Northern Region, are in each other’s throat over the Savelugu Rice Factory.

It would be recalled that, the largest opposition NDC in the Savelugu constituency on November 20, 2022, issued a press statement disputing the claims by the former Communication Director of NPP Nana Akomea, over the Savelugu Rice Processing Factory operations.

The former Communication Director of NPP, Nana Akomea during a panel discussion on Metro TV, stated that the Savelugu Rice Processing Factory under the One District One Factory (1D1F) is operational and has since employed 118 workers.

The opposition NDC in a statement has denied this claim, saying the factory has no single worker nor beneficiary. They further alleged the factory has not been connected to the national grid not talk of operating. The NDC within the Savelugu Constituency therefore dare the NPP and Nana Akomea to provide evidence to back their claims.

 The NPP in their response said the Rice Plant for the Savelugu Municipal had nine (9) members working, a functioning board and twenty-seven (27) Farmer Based Organizations (FBOs) with each group comprising an average number of 25 members engaged to cultivate and harvest rice to serve as a feed to the plant Adding, the board of the factory has engaged over seven-hundred (700) farm workers who are currently harvesting rice at their respective farms as a means of supplying raw material to the factory.

Story By: Alhassan Yakubu | |Ghana.

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