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Northern Regional Muslim Council Held 2024 Ramadan Submit in Tamale

The Northern Region Muslims Council on Saturday March 2, 2024, held the second edition of the annual Ramadan Summit in Tamale.

The forum brings together Islamic scholars, stakeholders across the region to deliberate on the significance of the holy month and how Muslims are enjoined to conduct themselves during the period.

The theme; for this summit, ‘Ramadan, the Month of Self Discipline, Patience and Care for One Another’.

The Muslims in the country and around the world are preparing towards this year’s fasting period which is expected to begin on 11th or 12th of this month.

In his remarks, the Northern Regional Minister, Alhaji Alhassan Shani Sayibu commend the Northern Regional Muslim Council for coming with such an initiative to address misunderstandings that used to characterize Ramadan period. He acknowledges that the summit last year worked to perfection. 

He said apart from social media exchanges, sermons and tafseer targeted at the audience and what they need

ed to benefit fully within the peace month of Ramadan, nothing short of that is expected.

“I count myself very lucky for being a Muslim. I count myself very lucky for being the one on the ministerial seat to witness the formation and the sustainability of the Northern Region Muslim Council. I am positive that any problem or problems that are militating against our regional peace which Islam frowns upon, would have been worse without the Council; the body that seeks to unite us all and propel us into giving Islam its rightful clothing to wear,” he said.

He encourage the Islamic scholars to always speak on the issues that will promote peace to help eradicate the insignificant rough edges that can dent the image of Islam. 

“Islam is clear on whose presence and efforts should ensure peace. You, the Islamic Scholars, know more than me that you are at the forefront. Let us not allow pettiness to let us turn the tables unfortunately. Anywhere there is a gathering to settle disputes, you should be those that are mediators”, he advised.

On his part, the Chairman of the Northern Regional Muslim Council, Sheikh Issah Alhassan, said the purpose of the submit is to ensure incident free during the holy month. 

He reminded the Muslim that Islam is a peaceful religion hence it is prudent for all practicing Muslim to act according to the teachings of the Deen.  

Sheikh Issah while highlighting the importance of the topics discussed including observing a peaceful Ramadan, the responsibility of all, health benefits of fasting on the body and curbing indiscipline among the youth, the Islamic perspective and remedies, thus urged Muslims most especially the scholars to live exemplary lives for others to follow. 

Sheikh Al-Husein Zakaria in his presentation on indiscipline among the youth, while calling on parents to pay more attention on their children upbringing, also called on the authorities to create an enabling environment for the upcoming generation to better their lives saying, “Allah will not forgive any leader or parent who failed to act responsible,” he emphasize.

Story By: Alhassan Yakubu | |Ghana.

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