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“Let’s debate, one-on-one” -Mutala to Dr. Anyas as the two battle for Tamale Central seat

The NDC parliamentary candidate for Tamale central constituency, Ibrahim Mohammed Mutala, has extended an invitation to Dr. Ibrahim Anyars who is his main contender in the December 7 polls, to have a one-on-one debate on their tracked record in the constituency. 

According to him, the NPP PC who doubles as CEO for NABCO has been misinforming the constituents in the Tamale central on the number of developmental projects he had undertaken in the constituency “that is why I am calling on him to have a one-on-one debate on our track record so that the constituents will know who is telling the truth.”

My party is not in power, but I was able to initiate the construction of several boreholes within the constituency, and extended support to several people within the constituency, what my party and I have done in the constituency is very clear and nobody can raise doubt about it.

The former deputy minister of trade and industry said he remains ready to present himself for a debate with Dr. Ibrahim Anyars on the issue of track record and achievement in the constituency, “I am ready to debate him – even in front of his house – I will present myself there.”

The NDC PC threw the challenge to the NPP PC on Diamond FM’s SIASAH SAHA, a Dagbani programme where he disputed claims by Dr. Anyars that he is the brain behind the formation of Nations Builders Core NABCO and also lobbied for its funding.

 “He has been going around the constituency lying to the people that he brainstormed  the formation of NABCO and also lobbied funding for it, “is not true because I know people who wrote NPP 2016 manifesto and his name wasn’t included and so how can he claim ownership of NABCO ? “

It is also not true he lobbied funding for it. Government is funding Nabco not him, he should go check government budget and stop this lie” Mohamed Mutala stated.

He said he has done much better than the NPP PC in terms of initiating support for the people of Tamale central, “and so to set the record straight, I prefer having a debate with Dr. Anyars so that the people can judge us.”

The one term former MP for Nanton constituency opined that, Dr Anyars is not a trusted person and therefore, the electorates in the Tamale central should ignore him come December 7.

Story by: Alhassan Yakubu

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