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Bawumia, regional minister and Bugri, Championing tribal appointments-NPP Financiers accuse

some leading financiers of the governing new patriotic party in the Northern region have berated vice president Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia and two others, for masterminding what he describes as “tribal appointments”, to the various boards.

According to the aggrieved NPP financiers, the northern regional minister, Salifu Saeed and the regional chairman of the party Bugri Naabu, conspired with the Vice president (a Mamprusi by tribe), to appoint his kinsmen to the various boards, much the neglect of other tribes in the region.

In a release signed by leader of the group, Alhaji Mohammed Tanko, they alleged that recent appointments to the various boards of most public institutions had some notable Mamprusis including former appointees in the erstwhile NDC Government.

They particularly faulted the appointment of Gbalana Badisoglo to the VRA Board, Mani Salifu as Board chair of petroleum commission, Ben Imoro Salifu to Ghana Cylinder manufacturing company, and former Northern region minister under Attah Mills, SS Nayina to the Ghana gas company Board, as tribally motivated and could have dire consequence for the party in the region.

The release further stated that, educated and capable stalwarts of the party in the region such as Alhaji Wofa, regent of Tolon major (Rtd) Sulemana Yakubu, regent of both Gushegu and Mion, have been ignored deliberately by the government in his appointments.

It further highlighted the invaluable roles, played by some major financiers like Alhaji Meema, Alhaji Baba Iddi, Alhaji Mahamudu (Washington chairman), Alhaji Zabaga, Alhaji Joe Kadiri, Francis Tete and others, for the invaluable contribution towards the success of the party in the 2016 general elections, but has sadly been ignored ever since the party came to power.

. “Under our own government and the party we suffered to bring to power, we have all of a sudden become laughing stock before our friends and relatives who thought our lives will automatically change since the 2016 flagbearer for the NPP dreams have been realized.”

The aggrieved financiers, fingered Chairman Bugri Naabu and regional Minister Salifu Saeed for “allegedly” conniving with the Vice president Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia of promote tribalism.

“We have several times called on Chairman Bugri Naabu to intervene since he is father of the party in the region, and has the victor power to ensure that contracts and appointments are squarely given and distributed to party members without considering tribal or religious lines. What he always tells us is to submit our application to the minister and the vice president, but still nothing good is happening, if you are not in their good book or from the Mamprugu land just forget it. Meanwhile we have reliable source that Chairman Bugri Naabu himself doesn’t not get any board membership or any contract from the party in the region”, the releases stated.

According to the group, the supposed attitude of the 2nd gentleman of the land was creating a lot of disaffection for the Nana Addo led Government, and could deny the party of financiers in future elections.

But in a rebuttal, an aide of the Vice President, Akbar Yussif Khomeini discounted the claims by the aggrieved financiers of the new patriotic party in the Northern region, describing it as a mischief and a true mark of ignorance.

Speaking in his native Dagbani on Siasa Ni Lebginsim Saha on Diamond FM on Monday, Akbar Khomeini revealed that he president was the appointing authority, and that the Vice president could only recommend persons for appointment, and could not really be blamed for persons appointed.

According to Akbar, only 11 Mamprusis had so far been appointed to serve in various capacities in the government, as compared to over 30 appointees from Dagbon, with few others from other notable tribes in the Northern region.

“With the Exception of the Local government Minister (Hajia Alima Mhama,), deputy Agricultural minister (Dr, Bambangi) and CEO of National service scheme and 9 others serving in various capacities, there are no Mamprusi appointees. Now compare that to the likes of Napaga Tia Sulemana, Mohammed Amin Anta, Hassan Tampuli, Akilu Sayibu, Hon Ibrahim Awal and almost 30 others serving in this government and you will realize that Dagombas dominate. Whereas Dr. Achanso, Cifford Braimah and 3 from Gonjaland, with, Salifu Saeed, Dominic Nitiwul and one other from Nanung and Komkomba land respectively, have been appointed to serve”, Akbar stated.

“I can dare say that, the composition of the Hajj Board has more than 80% representation on the board, much more than any other northern tribe. Take the office of the vice president for example, Dr. Mutaka Alolo, Mustapha Salam, my very own self, lawyer Khadija and many others are known Dagombas” he added.

He urged the authors of the release, to apologize to the high office of vice president.

Meanwhile, attempts by Diamond News to get some reactions from the regional Chairman of the Party in the region Bugri Naabu, proved futile.

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