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Sahakpalgu community in the Nanton District wants their almost collapsed dam fixed.

The Chiefs and people of Sahakpalgu in the Nanton District have appealed to the Nanton District Assembly and other benevolent organizations to come to their aid by fixing damaged portions of the Sahakpalgu Dam before it gets worse.

The Dam which serves as a major source of water supply and irrigation for Sahakpalgu, a farming community and its environs has its walls collapsed due to lack of maintenance.

The dam constructed in the 90s, has provided water supply for agriculture purposes to various communities including Sahakpalgu, Saha Naayili among others. Some of the residents explaining their frustrations indicated that, the communities may face water challenges if nothing is done to prevent the water from spilling further.

Assemblyman of the Sahakpalgu electoral area, Mohammed Awal Iddrisu, speaking to diamond news said the dam has supported agricultural activities for years. He said several communities including people from Tamale Metropolis always depend on the dam whenever there is water challenge in the metropolis.

He added school children from the near communities always use the banks of the dam to attend school at Sahakpalgu, however since the collapse of the banks they are unable to attend school.

Mohammed Awal bemoaned that many farmers will be thrown out of business, particularly those who engage in dry season farming, if nothing is done to fix the collapsed portion of the dam. The Assemblyman thereby appealed to government and other benevolent organizations to come to their aid.

“The collapse of the dam has brought so many challenges to the people of Sahakpalgu electoral area and the nearby communities have been cutoff and this is the only source of water we have. If urgent steps are not taken to prevent the water from spilling further, we will have a big challenge during dry season”, he lamented.

He said the Nanton district assembly is aware of the collapsing dam, adding, because of the COVID-19, he hasn’t gotten the opportunity to engage them further.

Some of the farmers at Sahakpalgu and Saha Naayili who use the dam for Irrigation purposes also shared their frustrations with Diamond news.

“We get engaged during dry season, but now that the dam has a problem, how can we continue to farm during the dry season?”, “If the dam is well maintained by the Assembly, it will be beneficial to us. It would not only supply water to the communities, but it will also help empower us to go into the dry season farming. They lamented.

Story By: Alhassan Yakubu

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