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NR executives of the NPP cannot take credit for the number of parliamentary seats won by the party – Awal Issahaku

A member of the Regional Communications team of the NPP in the Northern Region, Awal Issahaku has said that executives of the party cannot take credit for the performance of the party in the region especially for the number of parliamentary seats won.

He revealed that “a lot of the seats the NPP won in the Northern Region were not won by executives; it was won by individual efforts of Parliamentarians in those constituencies”.

Awal Issahaku stressed that “even the President has said this to our leaders. I’m aware of this; the President has told our leaders in their faces that they should know that a lot of the seats, particularly the seats in the Northern Region, were an individual effort”.

Commenting on Diamond FM on the recent petition by an NPP youth group in Kumbungu to the President not to reappoint the current DCE of the area Abdul-Salam Hamza Fatawu, Awal stated that “we all saw it, in my own constituency Yendi, I saw how Farouk actually reenergized the base and we saw that phenomenal performance that happened there”.

“Most of us saw the individual actions of these people so nobody is going to take credit for the performance of the party to become the bases for his reelection to become a regional or constituency executive” he added.

“You’re going to be matched by the physical efforts you have made in supporting the fortunes of the party”

Awal Issahaku however disagreed with the youth group in Kumbumgu that the current DCE who was also the party’s Parliamentary candidate in the 2020 general elections caused the defeat of the party in Kumbumgu.

He said “I know for a fact that if you go into the figures, this is the candidate who has performed far better in the history of NPP in Kumbumgu so this is a man who has a good record and you cannot just accuse him like this without any imperial evidence. But we all know this is a lobbying strategy for the DCE position” 

The NPP communicator urged leadership of the party to take urgent steps to address the challenges emanating within the party as a result of intensified lobbying by various individuals to catch the eye of the appointing authority.

He said such disagreements if not well managed could affect the operations of the government and may thwart the fortunes of the party going into the next elections in 2024.

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