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Alhaji Hardi Tuferu files nomination forms to contest Nanton seat again

The Member of Parliament for Nanton constituency, Hon Alhaji Hardi Tuferu has on Friday, February 07 2020, filed his nomination forms to contest the party’s parliamentary primaries in the Nanton constituency of the Northern Region.

He was accompanied by party faithful’s who thronged the constituency office of NPP at Nanton. The legislator is seeking re-election for the second time since he entered parliament in January 2017.

In a brief statement, after presenting the forms to the constituency executives, Alhaji Hardi, assured the teaming supporters of NPP in the Nanton constituency that, the party will emerge victorious come December 7th 2020.

He said more efforts will be put in place to ensure that, the party wins both presidential and parliamentary elections in the Nanton constituency.

“Friday is a great day and I want to assure the teaming supporters of our great party that this filling is a filling for victory for the party, whatever it will take for us to mobilize, unite and fight for the victory for us to win both presidential and parliamentary for the party, we are going to ensure it”, he stated.

The Nanton legislature speaking however reminded supporters of NPP of how they fought for the Nanton seat during the 2016 general elections and however called on them to unite as the party is poised to retain the seat come December 7th.

“I want all of you to go back home, talk to yourselves, think deeply and focus your mind back to 2016 on how hot the seat was, we had to fight so hard together and victory was given. Today, we are hopeful that 2020 is ours in Insha Allah and it is going to come and pass. So everybody must put his hand on deck towards ensuring victory for 2020 for us to win for the first time, the presential and parliamentary elections for this constituency”, he indicated.

Alhaji Hardi Tuferu during 2016 general elections defeated the former Deputy Minister of Trade and Industries, Ibrahim Mohammed Murtala, who spent only one term for the Nantong constituency.

So far, two persons have picked forms to contest the Nanton primaries. They include the former NPP national NASARA coordinator, Mahammed Kamaldeen, and the incumbent MP Alhaji Hardi Tuferu.

Source:AlhassanYakubu | | Ghana

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