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White Volta: “Construct a bridge over White Volta for us, We are suffering”- Singa Chief appeal to Government

The paramount chief and people of Singa traditional area, have appealed to the government to come to their aid and work on their road, and construct a bridge over the White Volta at Nawunni in the Kumbungu District of the Northern Region.

The chief and people noted that, it is prudent for the government to channel his focus on the road and construct a proper bridge over the White Volta at Nawunni to enable them to have easy access to other communities.

They made the call at the commissioning of the electrification project at Singa on May 19, 2023.

The White Volta at Nawunni provides the shortest route from the capital of the Northern Region to the Upper East and North East Regions. However, government upon government is yet to pay attention to the lake.

Residents of Singa and other commuters used canoes and boats to cross the rivers. They do so many times with their goods. 

The chief of Singa Naa Alhaji Iddi Seidu Lansah, who made the call on behalf of the people, said the absence of the bridge over the White Volta at Nawunni has affected the socio-economic and farming activities in the area since investors are unwilling to visit the area.

He said commuters and residents are often disadvantaged, particularly during the rainy season, when the lake floods its banks.

Naa Seidu Lansah who is also Greater Accra Regional Police Commander, indicated that the people of Singa and its adjoined communities are predominantly farmers who produce large quantities of food crops including maize, millet, groundnuts, beans, yam, rice, among others but due to the bad nature of the road and the absent of the bridge over the White Volta at Nawunni, they find it difficult to carry their produce to market centers, hence their appeal.

He said the construction of a bridge would facilitate the development of the area.

“This area has a lot of potentials. It is a food basket of Ghana. After here going you are now in the world up to Yagba-Kubori; the land is fertile. We can develop this area if we have good access road and good telephone network,” he said.

Some of the travelers who also share their concern with narrated, “this mode of crossing the river has been so for more than a decade, and it is often risky for the travelers who spend about several minutes in boats or canoe on the lake most especially during the rainy season”.

Story By: Alhassan Yakubu | |Ghana.

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