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Sagnarigu MP, Alhaji Fuseini says ruling NPP has little to show in his constituency

The member of parliament for the Sagnarigu constituency Alhaj A.B.A. Fuseini has asked the NPP government to point out a single developmental project they have initiated in the Sagnarigu constituency.

According to him, the NPP government throughout their four years in power cannot point out a single project they had initiated and implemented in the constituency

The NDC lawmaker threw the challenge to the NPP on Diamond fm’s SIASAH SAHA, a Dagbani programme where he indicated that being an opposition MP, he has performed better than the ruling government.

Alhaji Fusieni said he has met the developmental needs of the constituents, key among which are lobbying for the construction of a number of school blocks within the constituency.  He also claimed that he initiated the construction of a health Centre at Gukpegu Dungu and Kulnyenvilla, to address health challenges in the area

“I am challenging the NPP government to point out a single project they have initiated and implemented in Sagnarigu. They should point only one. They have done nothing to the people of Sagnarigu throughout their four years in government/

“I am asking Nana Akufo  Addo and his NPP government to point out a single school block they have constructed for the people of Sagnarigu. Just one, they can’t, my party and I are in opposition, but I have constructed many classrooms blocks more than the ruling government in my constituency,” he asserted.

The NDC proverbial law maker also added that he facilitated admission of many constituents into various tertiary institutions and secondary schools.

“The people of Sagnarigu know what I have done in the constituency, these are numerous, the beneficiary communities can attest to what I am talking about. I have connected several communities onto the national grid, provided them with portable water and this has brought relieve to them. This makes me a better candidate so therefore the people of Sagnarigu constituency will not make a mistake to fall for the wrong person other than me,” he stated.

Alhaji A.B.A Fuseini also accused the NPP pc for Sagnarigu constituency, Madam Felicia Tettey for instigating the sacking of some caterers at the school feeding programme in the Sagnarigu constituency.

Story By: Alhassan Yakubu

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