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Political Scientist compares and contrasts NPP and NDC manifestos

Political Science lecturer at the University of Ghana, Dr. Seidu Mahama Alidu, has described the nature of the 2020 Manifesto of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) as “promissory” and that of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) as “consolidating”.

He said both Manifestoes captured the three elements, which must feature in a Manifesto – the historical antecedents of the people, which had led to their present circumstances and how they were solved; the realities of the day and the problems to be addressed; and also the aspirations for solving problems in the future, thus giving hope.

Dr. Alidu noted that the NPP Manifesto, however, had fewer promises and largely focused on consolidating the Party’s gains.

Moreover, he said, it was possible that they had been held in check by the realities of being in government because the perspectives of a Party making promises while in government was different from making them as one in opposition.

Characteristically, Dr Alidu explained, parties in opposition made more promises to the people because they needed to offer more and better alternatives to be able to unseat the incumbent.

The NDC Manifesto, he noted, therefore, made more promises than it did in 2016 and also endeavoured to capture the realities of the day and offered promises reflective of their solutions.

He, however, cautioned against the trend of parties making too many and unrealistic promises, saying that could result in loss of confidence in democratic governance and voter apathy, which would hurt the participatory democracy necessary for holistic national development.

Dr Alidu urged stakeholders in academia, civil society groups, the media and the electorates to demand from the parties the costing, funding sources and strategies for implementing their manifestoes.

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