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Medical team at the Tamale Teaching Hospital call for early and constant screening for both men and women for breast-related diseases

Management of Tamale Teaching Hospital has organized breast screening for residents within the Tamale Metropolis as part of this year’s breast cancer awareness month.

The purpose of the exercise was to sensitize the public, especially women, about breast cancer and the need for regular examination. World Breast Cancer Month is marked in October every year to raise awareness about the disease.

The Director of Nursing at the Tamale Teaching Hospital, Madam Evelyn Danikuu, described breast cancer as a silent killer disease, hence the sensitization of women on the disease to ensure regular examination of their breasts, so that they seek early treatment when required.

She said breast cancer is killing a lot of women across the globe, especially in developing and low income countries like Ghana. Madam Danikuu said it was therefore important to intensify the awareness to curb the situation.

 The TTH Director of nursing services noted that the disease can only be treated when the affected person reported early at a health facility. She also called on women to seek early medical attention whenever they felt any lumps in their breasts or armpits.

Speaking on the sideline of the exercise, a pathologist Nurse specialist at the Tamale Teaching hospital, Madam Evelyn Osei Amoah, indicated that breast cancers are now common even among men. At the moment three men have been diagnosed and are currently receiving treatment at the TTH.

Madam Evelyn Osei Amoah

She entreated males to also seek early medical attention when any of the symptoms showed up.

“Initially we were saying that when you take about one thousand men, you can have only one being diagnosed with breast cancer, but currently it is just knocking on our doors. Currently we have about three men who are on treatment for breast cancer, and so breast cancer is not far from men so we all have to be on the look out,” she advised.

Madam Evelyn Osei also mentioned that the hospital intended to screen a thousand people within the metropolis, saying majority of men and women die slowly from breast cancers without getting medical attention. She called for early and constant screening for both men and women for breast-related diseases.

Some participants going through the screening

One of the beneficiaries, Madam Alimatu Hanan, thanked the hospital for the exercise and advised women to go for regular check-up of their breasts.

Story By: Alhassan Yakubu

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