Lawyer Abdul Rauf ‘Throws Mud’ at Former Minority Leader Haruna Iddrisu


The cracks within the largest opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) in the Northern Region seem not to end soon as National Vice Chairman of the party, Lawyer Halid Abdul Rauf, stated that the leadership of the party would crush former Minority Leader lawyer Haruna Iddrisu and his supporters in the party.

In an audio conversation with one Abdul Rauf, a supporter of the former Minority Leader, the former Northern Regional Secretary of the NDC alleged, “we would continue to crush you in the party. We are aware of all your plans. Don’t you see, at the appropriate time, God is revealing all your evil plans.”

“You people want to destroy the region, but we will not allow it. We will let you know that we know all your plans. All of you and Haruna Iddrisu and all members of your group, we know all that you are doing, and we will not allow it. Anytime you do this choose-and-pick, we will come after you people,” he stated.

In the same audio, Lawyer Abdul Rauf also accused the current Northern Regional executives of the party of performing abysmally during the last general elections.

“How many parliamentary seats have they won during the last general elections? Go and cross-check the records. You people were saying Salaam and co. know the job. Now that they have occupied the position, what have they done?” he queried.

Listen to the audio.

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