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Jihadist activities in West Africa does not represent the interest of Islam- Sheikh A. Ibrahim Afa Zei

The Vice Chairman of the Daru Hedaya Islamic School, Sheikh A. IBRAHIM AFA ZEI, has stated that the jihadist and other Islamic insurgents who operate within the African continent does not represent the interest of Islam religion as they claim.

He said such acts has been motivated by unscrupulous individuals for their parochial interest.

Sheikh A. IBRAHIM AFA ZEI, while describing the activities by the Jihadist and other Islamic groups as unslamic also said “what they are doing is purely business otherwise why should a right-thinking Muslim go and bombard a church in the name of a religion? Such people if they don’t repent when they die, they know where they are going”.

 The renown Islamic cleric made these remarks on Friday May 20,2022, at the commissioning of an ultramodern Mosque and school complex at Gbanyamli of the Sagnarigu Municipality in the Northern Region.

The individual funded Mosque known as Daru Hedaya Mosque, has ancillary facilities such as an ultra – modern one-story school building complex, an office complex for the Imam, IT laboratories, mechanized boreholes, wash rooms, a large car park among others.

However, in an interview with after the commissioning of the Mosque, Sheikh Ibrahim Afa Zei, also express worry over the misinterpretation of Islamic religion by some Muslims, saying “Islam is not about ritualism”.

He explained that, Islamic religion is about socio economic horticultural system of its own, and had the tendency of fendering the good course of humanity, but these has been misunderstood by many Muslims hence, a lot has associated to the Islamic religion with extreme violence, terrorism to the extend that gender base violence has been the norm among Muslims in recent times.

“These has nothing to do with Islamic religion, anybody who happen to call himself a Muslim and indulge himself with these acts, that fellow is not a true Muslim, because the holy prophet Mohammed (S.A.W.S) never sanction that; so where do you get these acts from?”, he quizzed.   

“And this is the reason why we have gathered here today to commission these two projects, a Mosque and a school complex to offer the true values or meaning of Islamic religion to the pupils of these school complex. We want to groom the young ones for them to understand their Allah, why the creation, and why there should be peaceful coexistence”, he stated.

“Once you are a Muslim you are entirely controlled by the Quran and Sunnah [teachings] of the holy prophet, and there is no terrorism in Islam. … And you should live in peace and harmony with your fellow Muslims and even the non-Muslim alike”, he added.

The commissioning of the Mosque attracted many opinion leaders including Northern Regional Chief Imam Sheikh Ahmed Abdul Salam, Deputy Imam of Ambariya Sunni Community Sheikh Tanko, Chiefs, and Elders of Gbanyamli, Muslims from all walks of life among others.

Several West African countries such as Mali, Nigeria, Burikina-Faso, Togo among others, have witnessed several attacks by the Jihadist groups in recent times.

Both the Islamic State group and its rivals in al-Qaeda have taken a strategic decision to make Africa their new priority after suffering setbacks in the Middle East.

Story By: Alhassan Yakubu| |Ghana

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