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Islamic Scholar Sheikh Al-Habib Bawa Adabiya expressed worry over growing kidnapping cases in Tamale

An Islamic Scholar of the Tamale Metropolis, Sheikh Al-Habib Bawa Adabiya, has described as worrying the recent cases of kidnapping in the metropolis.

According to him, the current trend of crime in the metropolis and the country at large smacks of a cause for alarm, and that need serious attention.  

He said the phenomenon of kidnapping children and other crime in the metropolis was unacceptable.

Shiekh Al –Habib made this observation at his Mosque during Friday’s congregation prayers. He said Islamic Religion forbids this act adding, “where Islamic laws exist, those found culprit in this act will receive punishment of execution”.

The renowned Islamic scholar also expressed his disgusting on how human beings now turn to a leopard and other dangerous animals just to hunt their follow human beings. “We are not leaving in a jungle. There is no leopard, no lions, and no other dangerous animal in our vicinity but, yet still, we are leaving in fear. I want to remind those whose action is hurting others that Allah would never forgive them”.

He said the act of kidnapping and other form attacked is humanly unacceptable and must be tackled seriously to protect the younger ones.

This week, five years old Fadila from Lamashegu of the Tamale metropolis was successfully rescued after a suspected woman kidnapper abducted her for 20 days.

Meanwhile, the faith of family of nine-year- Abdul Sobur from Changli a suburb of the Tamale Metropolis continues to hang in the balance after their son went missing four months ago. 

However, addressing the Muslim Urma at Masjidul Salaam Mosque, Sheikh Al Habib lamented that it is very worrying to be experiencing this trend of crime in this part of the country at this particular point in time, saying “We have to come together and support the security agencies to fight this battle because they alone can’t fight it. We all need to be looking out to fight this crime in this part of the country, he stated.

The Imam of Masjidul Salaam also urged residents in Tamale to be alert and report to the police, suspicious characters who may appear in their various communities.

This, he noted, would help the security agencies to track down miscreants who would want to take advantage of the well-acclaimed hospitality of the residents to unleash mayhem in the metropolis.

Sheikh Al-Habib also called on school authorities within the Tamale metropolis most especially the private schools to be more vigilant as these miscreants always visit the schools to abduct innocent children.  

Source:AlhassanYakubu | www | Ghana

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