“I have integrity than you”, Salam fires back Alhaji Fuzack.


The Northern Regional Secretary of the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC), Mohammed Abdul Salam, has lashed out at his follow party member Alhaji Fuzack for describing the Northern Regional Executives of the NDC as fake and corrupt.

“When it comes to integrity, between myself and Alhaji Fuzack, I can swear by God that I have integrity more than he has”, he claimed.

The NDC Regional Chief Scribe, was reacting to comments by Alhaji Fuzack on Diamond FM, that the Northern Regional executives of the NDC are fake and corrupt.

“This people are not real people they are all fake, they are not transparent, they are corrupt, they spend party money meant for party work” these are the words of Alhaji Fuzack.

The NDC financier also accused the executives of failing to ensure the party won power during the 2020 general elections after taking huge sums of money from the party financiers.

He claimed that his outfit during the 2020 elections adopted seven constituencies, however the regional executives failed to play their part, hence the party lost those seats.

Rebutting the allegations, Mohammed Abdul Salam, challenged Alhaji Fuzack to a one on one debate to point out what he think the Regional executives could have done to ensure the party won power at the last elections.

The NDC Regional Chief Scribe, expressing his disappointment about the allegations, dared Alhaji Fuzack to mention the amount of money he claimed to have pushed into the orphan constituencies during the last elections.

Abdul Salam claim the minority leader Haruna Iddrisu during the elections gave the orphan Constituencies GHC 100,000 each through his resource mobilization, “he should mention how much he gave, and stop peddling falsehood”.

“I am telling him to call the 2020 NDC PCs for the orphan constituencies he claimed to have adopted and find out how much money the minority leader Haruna Iddrisu handed over to them before the elections, and he will see that, the mobile money he sent was just a token compared to what the minority leader gave”, he indicated

Abdul Salam said the minority leader who is the MP for Tamale South during the 2020 elections donated pick-up vehicles to the various orphan constituencies within the Region, but never complained or blamed anybody after the elections, it is my responsibility to set the records straight when someone tries to degenerate another one’s efforts to the party, he added.

Source: www.diamondfmonline.com

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