“Gana Alhassan was incompetent and youth wing performed poorly in election 2020”, Abass.


Chairman of the defectors association of the ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP) Abdallah Abass, have said the youth wing of the NPP in the Northern Regional performed abysmally in the last general elections.

According to him, the NPP Regional youth organizer Gana Alhassan was incompetent and could not galvanize the needed support from the youth during the 2020 general elections, hence the party failed to win more parliamentary seats in the region.

The northern regional chairman of the NPP, Mohammed Bantima Samba, prior to the 2020 general elections vowed to win 15 parliamentary seats out of the 18 seats in the region.

However, Abdallah Abass who is aspiring for the regional youth organizer position, while speaking on Diamond Fm’s SIASA SAHA, a political talk show said the regional youth organizer during the last election failed to bring on board strategies to support the party to achieve its 15 seats agenda in the region.

“Every vibrant political party belongs to the youth and ever since he took over the leadership of the youth wing in the Region, Gana Alhassan has not had the opportunity to even organize a program for the youth, and the youth of the NPP has gone to sleep and this has caused the party negatively during the last elections in the Region”.

He alleged that prior to the 2020 general elections, several NDC youth and other political party members at both Karaga and Kumbungu defected to the ruling NPP, however the NPP northern regional youth organizer failed to capitalize on that to increase the fortunes of the party.

“This current youth organizer during the 2020 elections, I personally designed two nice programs, including a cleanup exercise and a rally for all defectors in the Region, which I was thinking would have pulled more votes for our dear party in the Region, but he ignored it”.

“He has abandoned the youth. He is not taking care of the party foot soldiers, not to talk of the defectors. It’s not the government but the regional youth organizer that has failed to touch the base of the party. He does not have the party at heart”, he narrated.

Torching on “breaking the 8” by the NPP, Abdallah Abas indicated that “it’s doable; but it will need competent and committed leadership with serious techniques and strategies”, therefore his decision to contest the youth organizer position.

Story by: Yakubu Alhassan | www.diamondfmonline.com

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