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Equipping Schools with Sustainable Materials for Lifelong Learning

The United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), specifically goal 4 aims to “ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all.” Treasured in Ghana’s 1992 constitution article 25(1) is that all persons shall have the right to equal educational opportunities and facilities. Despite these provisions, UNESCO (2018) and World Bank (2019) reports revealed that less than 7% of pupils who finished basic school can read properly in West Africa.

The reports suggest the need for practical interventions to complement the government’s efforts in improving the educational system in Ghana. In accordance, Savana Signatures in partnership with Edukans International is implementing a project dubbed “Teaching with Impact (TWI),” which seeks to promote active teaching and learning, thus improving the academic outcome of pupils.

Distribution of Correctbooks and Pens

The project identified inadequate teaching and learning materials in schools within the Northern part of Ghana which hinders academic delivery. To address this gap, 33449 Correctbooks (Correctbook is an endless erasable notebook, for everyone) and Pens were secured for unward distribution to Students, Teachers, Training Officers and School Improvement Support Officers. Out of this number, 304 have been distributed.

Prior to the distribution, 320 teachers were capacitated in active teaching and learning and the use of the correctbooks to enhance the facilitation of literacy and numeracy and all other subjects in the schools. To ensure this is done, 40 Training Officers and Circuit Supervisors were trained to supervise the project implementation in the beneficiary schools. 80 schools are benefiting from the project with 875 teachers implementing active teaching and learning methodology in the schools and actively using the correctbooks in all subjects

The Correctbook and Pens provide an optimal writing experience. The pens write smoothly, do not smudge and the ink dries within seconds. This gives children endless writing opportunities, opportunities to make mistakes and correct them by erasing completely and rewriting again. It makes learning fun and creates opportunities for creativity.

The Big Picture

By 2025, the initiative is projected to reach 5 million children across Africa with Correctbooks and Pens as well as active teaching and learning. The aspirations suggest that 5 million children will be able to create opportunities for themselves and their families. The pilot project seeks to achieve 70% of children in beneficiary schools with improved learning outcomes.

Call for Collaboration

An adage in TWI goes “nea cforo dua pa na y3 pia no” literally meaning that if one starts something good, he/she should be supported. Individuals and organizations owe the next generation a better and healthier future; hence children in the Northern part of Ghana are demanding that future, they need more support to sustain the gains of the Teaching with Impact project and scale it up to reach their brothers and sisters in neighboring schools.

Story by: Christabel Nana Bema Obeng

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