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Ambariya Muslim leadership in Tamale add their voice to calls for Peaceful election

With general polls less than a week away with many peace advocates calling for peaceful elections and transition, the Ambariya Muslim leadership in Tamale has also added their voice to the call for peace.

Among others; the Ambariya Muslim leadership is urging all eligible voters to turn out in their numbers and cast their ballot peacefully. It has also directed all its mosques and congregational leaders and imams to tailor their sermons on the need for peace, before, during and after the December general elections.

Addressing a segment of the media on the need for peaceful elections, Sheikh Abubakar Issahaku Tanko, deputy head of Ambariya said in as much as voting was a right guaranteed under the 1992 constitution, persons who qualify to vote must exercise that right, however during voting, they should go about it peacefully without triggering any violence.

“The voters should conduct themselves well on the electioneering process, they should come out and exercise their franchises because that is the right given to them under the constitution. The security personnel should not intimidate people. They should rather keep the peace during the period.”

The media also should be circumspect and ensure that while going about their reportage, they do not incite violence. The EC is expected to conduct fair elections so that the outcome would be accepted by all” Afa Tanko implored.

For his part, the Deputy Head of the Ambariya Da’awah Committee, Sheikh Hussein Saeed Yakubu fondly referred to as Afa Jarijaa, for his part said it isn’t strange for Ambariaya to air its concerns on the need for peace during moments like this because that is what Ambariya has always propagated.

“In order to maintain peace, the Ambariya Da’awah committee has directed all its imams to come out with united sermons; how to maintain peace  and conduct themselves in a way that Ghana will be the winner in the end and always to encourage their congregations to come out in their numbers and vote and conduct themselves in the right manner after going through the process,” Sheikh Jarijaa added.

The Ambariya Muslim leadership also prayed for the country and hoped that come December 7, Ghana would once again go through peaceful polls.

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