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World Radio Day has been marked with a public event in Tamale

A programs officer with the UN Education, Science and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO) Ghana, Hamid Yakub has said radio must be effectively used as a medium to promote dialogue, tolerance and peace among people

He added that as a platform, radio should help dispel fear and also aid in healing old wounds by highlighting good deeds.

Speaking at a public forum to mark the 2019 world radio day in Tamale, Hamid Yakub said radio is a critical lifeline for people especially underrepresented groups to express themselves, alongside accessing information and contributing to national debates.

According to him, often neglected issues such as forced marriage, girl’s education or even childcare can be better addressed using the medium of radio. The UNESCO programme officer added that the inclusion of diverse population through radio would make societies more resilient, more open and more peaceful.

Country director of Farm Radio International, who jointly organized this year’s World Radio Day with UNESCO, Ben Fiafor said radio is a platform that allows people to discuss and understand issues within their communities that affect their daily lives.

World Radio Day was founded by UNESCO in 2012 to celebrate radio as a medium to improve international cooperation between broadcasters and to promote freedom of expression, access to information and gender equality.

The objectives of the Day is also to raise awareness among the public and the media of the importance of radio, encourage decision makers to establish and provide access to information through radio and also to enhance networking and international cooperation among broadcasters.

The theme of this year’s World Radio Day event was: “Dialogue, Tolerance and Peace.”

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