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“We have been voting for Hon Wahab Suhuyini but we are yet to see any development”- Tolon communities without lights cry out

Some communities without electricity in theTolon Constituency are up in arms against their Member of Parliament, Hon. Wahab Suhuyini Wumbei who they accuse of failing to honor his electoral promises.

According to the communities, the MP promised to hook them onto the national grid and provide them with social amenities, but has abandoned them just after securing their votes in last general elections.

Some of the communities also claimed the MP ever since securing their mandate only visits them once a while at their localities.

The grieved communities include Nafarin, Dundo, Galinkpegu, Nyankpala Kukuo, Naaha, Gbambaya, and Waribogu Dingoni, all in the Tolon Constituency.

Some concerned residents in the communities in sharing their frustration also said the failure of the MP and the Tolon District authorities to connect them to the national grid is having a negative effect on these communities especially the women who have to travel long distances to grind their foodstuff for cooking.

Some of the angry residents at Waribogu Dingoni, say the NPP law maker had continuously disappointed them and cannot boast of any developmental project in the area having led the constituency for close to 8 years.

Explaining the frustrations of the communities to, Nba Dundo Bomahanaa stated that their MP’s failure to develop Tolon Constituency clearly showed that he had ‘’absolutely nothing’’ to offer them and that it is important to show him the exit in the next internal parliamentary bid elections by giving Tolon someone who would listen to their concerns and better their lot.

“He lied to us when he was campaigning. He promised to fix our concerns most especially the lights, with his experience in politics if he can’t lobby for any developmental projects for us and the young MP’s are doing that, then he’s telling us he can’t lead us again,’’ Nba Bomahanaa stated.

“We supported him massively during his struggles, but see what he has done to us, he has caused us a lot, we don’t have good roads, no electricity in these our communities, we are sleeping in darkness.” Some residents at Dundo lamented. 

“We have been voting for Hon Wahab Suhuyini but we are yet to see any development. This year, we are coming to vote for development not personalities. If he fails to connect our community to the national grid, we are not going to vote for him. We are promising ourselves that if our roads and lights remain the same, we will not allow any ballot box in these our communities in this year’s general elections”, the community’s members unanimously warned.

“These challenges have lived with us for a very long time, but nothing has been done about them, notwithstanding the numerous appeals by the people. We have made it known to our assemblyman and our MP to channel our concerns to the government, but it appears there is no help in sight.” one resident at Galinkpegu narrated.

“The youth in this community are fed up with the dishonesty of our politicians. We have an MP who seems not to care about our welfare and we will also teach him a lesson when the time comes,” a resident threatened.  

Source:AlhassanYakubu | | Ghana

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