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Tamale Technical University Students lament over furniture challenge on campus which leaves them standing or squatting during lecturers

Inadequate furniture is inhibiting quality academic work at the Tamale Technical University (TaTU) where students mostly have to go around in search of chairs in order to participate in lectures successfully.

 Aside spending time in search of furniture, others have to stand on their feet throughout the lecture period and this has resulted in many students skipping their classes because they feel that if they come, they will not get chairs to sit on. So they rather would prefer to stay at home.

On Tuesday morning, media 3 students at the TaTU that had a class scheduled between 9: 30am and 11:30am saw most of the students standing while others sat on the bare floor.

In a class of 65, only 4 seats were available. The class had to be called off by the lecturer because most students were either standing or sitting on the floor.

A final year student, Abubakar Ruhiya complained to Diamond News about how stranded they are often, when it comes to having furniture for conducive academic work. The situation she added has been going on for a while and several complaints to the authorities seemed to have fallen on deaf ears.

Another final year student, Dia Philimon also recounted their frustrations to Diamond News saying this wasn’t a new phenomenon since the issue has been with them over a very long and nothing is being done about it.

Others who spoke off record said they pay huge fees and yet when they come to class, they have to be moving around and its “either there are no empty classrooms or the halls have no furniture to host the students.” “When you have a lecture, another class is on standby and they will be signaling you; they are supposed to be there and a whole lot of frustrations,” the students added

Meanwhile the Students Representative council (SRC) of the Tamale Technical University (TaTU) has issued a statement on the development, hoping that the school’s authorities would address the concerns of the students.

Below is the SRC’s statement on the situation:

TaTU SRC Statement on the shortage of furniture in the school

Story By: Sherihan Abdul Aziz

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