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Tamale NGO pushes for broader consultations on the issue of political vigilantism

Centre for Patriotism and Attitudinal Change (CEPAC), an NGO in the Northern Region has called on stakeholders in the country to widen their scope on finding permanent solution to political vigilantism in the country.

CEPAC while commending ongoing efforts to disband political vigilantism in the country, also stated the need for stakeholders to tackle the root cause of the phenomenon in order to permanently address the problem.

The CEPAC, position was carried in press statement signed by Executive Director, Hanan Tizaa Legend and copy to Diamond News.

Speaking to Diamond News, the Executive Director of CEPAC, Hanan Tizaa Legend, explained that the root cause of this worrying development are institutional inertia, growing mistrust for the security agencies, increasing lack of faith in government, unemployment among others.

He however indicated that to resolve political vigilantism permanently, it is important for stakeholders to find lasting solution to the growing employment in the country.

Hanan Tizaa also suggested the need of stakeholders to include religious bodies and other political parties in their consultations.

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The disturbing debacle of political vigilantism reached its climax on 31stJanuary 2019 during a bye-election to replace late Member of parliament, Hon Emmanuel Kyeremateng Agyarko. On that day, a celebrated democracy was dented as citizens including a sitting-member of parliament for Ningo-Prampram, Hon Sam George, was physically assaulted and elections interrupted at some polling stations. Ghana sadly had been set on the undesirable path taken by countries like Somalia, Kenya and Nigeria!This understandably resulted in cries and condemnations characterised by blame game and name calling. In the midst of this conundrum, the president in a state of the nation address vowed to initiate legislation to band political vigilantism if political parties were unwilling to voluntarily do so.

Accordingly, the ever-pragmatic and amenable political elites of Ghana committed to a process towards disbandment of political vigilante groups. On 4thApril 2019, at a platform occasioned by the National Commission for Civic Education (NCCE) and moderated by the NationalPeace Council (NPC), the two parties had the first in a series of dialogues toward abolishment of political vigilantism in the country. The event was also attended by religious leaders and traditional authorities. Though there were few areas of disagreement between the two major parties, that they even agreed to sit face to face and talk, is very refreshing and highly commendable. This speaks volumes on the bright prospects thetwenty-seven-year democracy.

This notwithstanding, there is the need for stakeholders of Ghana’s democracy to go the extra mile to find permanent solutions to the phenomenon by dealing with the root causes. For CEPAC, the root causes of this worrying development are Institutional Inertia, growing mistrust for security institution, increasing lack of faith in government, Winners Take all, Unemployment and Greed.

Therefore, CEPAC, urges parties to the talks to explore ways of making state institutions such as the judiciary proactive and expeditious. They should also find ways to encourage their party members to behave in ways that will not erode the confidence of the populace in the political system. The government in power should also activate its job creation plans to engage the teeming jobless and hopeless youth who constitute a time-bomb. Finally, the country should try to uphold the principles of ultimate responsibility and Patriotism whereby persons in authority who neglect their duties are compelled to resign!

Thank You!


Hannan Tizaa Legend

(Executive Director)

0206021468, Yakubu

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