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Some flood affected persons in Nawuni community want relocation to higher ground and they have appealed to government and others for support

Flood victims at Nawuni in the Kumbungu District of the Northern Region have called on Government and other non-governmental organizations to come to their aid and support them to relocate to higher grounds to save them from reoccurring flood situation in the area.

The victims recounted that they have experienced floods in the area in the last decade but this year’s flood situation has been extraordinary and affected them badly as many of them have become homeless, hence the need to relocate them to a safer place.

Their call comes after heavy rainfalls caused major devastation in the community. The spillage of the Bagre Dam in Burkina Faso has also worsened the situation, leading to the loss of farmlands and the destruction of property including houses in the area.

Out of 184 houses within the Nawuni Electoral Area only 7 houses were not affected by the flood.

A resident of Nawuni, Yengbe Isaac, who expressed his frustrations to Diamond news, bemoaned the effects of the disaster on their livelihood. According to him, his 28 hectares of maize farm was destroyed aside his household belongings being washed away by the torrential rains.

According to him, the only way of relieve to the residents of Nawuni especially from experiencing annual flooding is to relocate them to a higher ground. Yengbe on behalf of other victims appealed to the government, benevolent organizations and other philanthropist to come to their aid by constructing structures at the higher grounds to save them from reoccurring floods in the area.

 “We are looking on benevolent individuals to come to our aid so that we will not experience these harsh floods that wash away all farmlands and properties every year. We can’t be here all the time crying, we are appealing to government for support to help us to relocate,” he appealed. 

This year’s heavy rainfall coupled with the spillage of the Bagre Dam in Burkina Faso has caused major devastation in parts of Kumbungu, leading to the loss of farmlands and the destruction of properties running into thousands of cedis.

 The affected communities include NAWUNI, SINGNA, AFAYILI, AND SHIA.

Story by: Alhassan Yakubu

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