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S/R: “We won’t join in your Reckless and Ethnocentric Political Battle”- NDC to NPP




The National Democratic Congress- Savannah Region has taken passionate notice of a very unfortunate statement released by the NPP, attacking the flagbearer of the NDC, H.E John Dramani Mahama, on his recent globally commended donations made to the Ridge hospital, the health facility set aside to lead the charge in protecting lives against the Coronavirus pandemic.

Whiles we do appreciate their call on the leader of the NDC, H.E John Mahama to step in and rescue the Northern Regions especially Savannah Region one more time from the harsh neglect of their own Government and President Akufo-Addo, perhaps after many failed attempts in getting the President to remember our region for once, we are amazed at their deliberate sense of ignorance and absolute insensitivity to matters of the region especially in times like this where we have at stake a common enemy that respects no person or political colour.

We thank them for exposing the total failure of Akufo-Addo’s Government in the fight against this deadly Virus and feel sad for most especially the front line Health Staff who have been directed by Nana Addo to undertake such suicide missions of having to combat this deadly pandemic without the neccessary PPEs.

We are saddened that the arm chair executives of the NPP will allow thoughts of petty politics, shameful and unethical propaganda and gross irresponsibility supercede the very patriotic attitude we have been wanting to share with them at least in fighting this deadly pandemic.

The NDC executive body has since the past days and nights been at various constituencies joining hands with our distinguished members of Parliament to donate PPEs, “Veronica” buckets, money and secondary logistics to various facilities, market places and lorry stations in the region towards combating the corona virus.

Whiles we disassociate ourselves from engaging in any political challenge at this tragic time, we wish to draw the attention of indigenes to some sequence of events in the Savannah region since the inception of this pandemic.

•First was our call on President Akufo-Addo to act on his responsibility in using our taxes to supply adequate logistics to the various hospitals and clinics in the regions to empower our frontline workers in combating this virus- This he failed to accomplish and despite an unfulfilled Verbal promise of using US$100 Million in protecting our lives, frontline Staff of the Health Facilities are yet to receive any Personal Protective Equipment from Government in the wake of the threat since last year and against WHO advice.

•We then requested he opens up all abandoned CHP compounds at least for use now since we

needed preparedness from all angles – He failed to accomplish.

•We pleaded that our region or within the 5 northern regions be given a test center and a well equiped Corona Virus quarantine Centre in line with the advice of the experienced John Mahama since we were home to many tourist sites and had foreigners visiting these areas frequently. All the Northern Regions also share borders and cultural ties with Neighboring infested Regions like Cote D’Ivoire, Burkina Faso and Togo, the bases for our advice- He again failed to accomplish.

•The President Akufo-Addo was found in Europe touring with some members of the NPP from our region like Lawyer Abu Jinapor, the NPP Savannah Regional Chairman (Kalimonia) among others at a time the coronavirus was declared a pandemic. Upon their arrival, there was a request for them to be quarantined and tested before being allowed to enter the region – He failed to accomplish and as such we request all indigenes to avoid getting in contact with such persons until further notice.

• Whiles the Regional Coordinating Council keeps complaining of no funds in supporting our hospitals now and therefore demanding external donations, the Savannah Regional Minister, Salifu Adam Braimah upon neglecting his own region of service, was heard on media donating his yet to be earned 2 months salary to an established fund in Accra managed by President Akufo-Addo’s sister, Sophia Akuffo whiles such monies could have been used to buy urgent materials for donations across the region or used as motivation for our regional frontline workers for their relentless efforts. So by their logic, people should continue to die of the disease before their salaries will mature to take care of them. Who told them that, they are immune from the Virus until such time that they earn the Salary. Well, our leader, President Mahama didn’t intend to wait until people are infested before a delayed salary comes to their rescue. Another display of insensitivity at its peak paraded as an achievement. Sad isn’t it?

•Upon the shutdown in Kumasi and Accra, we demanded vehicles be provided to convey our homeless “Kayaye” girls, comfortably quarantined when they return and thereafter tested before being allowed to reunite with their families. Why, because Nana Addo’s Hostels he promised to build for them was never materialised. He even forgot that there were vulnerable people like our sisters and brothers in Kumasi and Accra and therefore did nothing to alleviate their plight before giving the directives. The sad and desperate packing of our Sisters and their Children in a Cargo Truck enroute to Walewale, the homeland of the Vice president and the subsequent inhumane conditions they have been subjected to upon the callous return of them by the MCE of Ejisu to a no befitting facility in Accra is a typical demonstration of this. Sadly, our very own Talkative but powerless brother Vice President, Dr Bawumia is not bothered. This too, Nana Addo has failed to accomplish and as such we stand very vulnerable to treats now after being exposed by the President Akufo-Addo’s ill planned shutdown process.

The above updates among others have left us astonished as to why our friends from the NPP simply haven’t channeled their efforts into resolving these challenges but instead focused on attacking the kind gesture being exhibited by an opposition leader, in fully joining hands with the government in times like this. Obviously the first of it’s kind in Ghana.

That was a patriotic donation to Ghana and shall remain a patriotic donation for and on behalf of the Savannah Region. We are happy that a son of the soil is making waves not only in his home Region but touching Humanity everywhere in the Country without due regard to where one comes from.

We call on the NPP to desist from the reckless politicization of matters in these sad times and allow for our Chiefs, elders, kingsmen and all well meaning indigenes to join hands so together we can win against the coronavirus.

May God bless us all.


Malik Basintale

Communication officer

NDC-Savannah region.


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