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Retired farmer and community leader wants GHS to readies itself with CSM vaccines and public education as the heat period approaches

Leader of Nyankpala Zongo community in the Tolon District, Osofo Patrick Apolah, is appealing to the directorate of the Ghana health service in the Northern region to make the availability of cerebrospinal meningitis (CSM) vaccines alongside public education on the disease; a priority as the heat period approaches.  

Admitting that there hasn’t been any outbreak of CSM yet, he however maintained that an early awareness campaign on CSM and stocking vaccines in readiness for any eventuality could prevent deaths and related conditions that were recorded by the region in the past.

Making his concern to Diamond News via phone, Osofo Apolah also a former broadcaster noted that the health directorate in the past years, relaxed its surveillance and that resulted in an increase in CSM cases in the region.

Cerebrospinal Meningitis is a chronic medical condition which causes an inflammation of the membranes of both the brain and spinal cord.

The inflammation of the brain and the spinal cord often results in a very serious infection and becomes an often fatal variety of meningitis caused by the meningcoccus bacteria. Symptoms include sudden fever, server headache and stiff neck.

Osofo Apullah therefore wants the regional health directorate to take steps to ensure vaccines availability to deal with any potential outbreaks and subsequent fatalities from CSM.

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