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“Point out one single tarred road you have ever lobbied for Sagnarigu” …. NPP dare A.B.A FUSEINI

Members of NPP strategic communication team in the Sagnarigu constituency, have challenged the Member of Parliament for Sagnarigu constituency Hon A.B.A FUSEINI to point out a single tarred road he has ever lobbied for the good people of Sagnarigu

According to the group the MP, had failed the people of Sagnarigu despite holding the deputy Northern Regional Minister position for 4 years

They indicated that the NDC law maker, instead of lobbying for projects for development in the Sagnarigu constituency has rather lobbied for proverbs in parliament

The strategic communication team in a press statement copied to also described the comments by the Hon A.B.A FUSEINI towards the NPP pc Madam FELICIA TETTEY as unfortunate and irresponsible

It is reported that, the NDC law maker indicated that the NPP pc Madam FELICIA TETTEY is not fit to be a member of parliament for Sagnarigu constituency because she is not a Dagomba or Muslim

Reacting to the comments, leader of the NPP strategic communication team, Sulemmana Abdul Rauf, however challenged the Sagnarigu MP to come out with a single verse in the Quran that accepts discrimination.

According to him, the NDC law maker claimed to be a good Muslim, but his comments towards the NPP pc for Sagnarigu constituency Madam FELICIA TETTEY is un-Islamic and must be condemned

Read full statement bellow


C/O BOX 1670 E/R




Ladies and gentlemen from the media. We thank you very much for your unhesitant and quick  response to our call despite this short note of invitation given you.

Our main focus today is the unsolicited pressure mounted by Hon. A.B.A Fuseini that. Madam Felicia Tettey is not fit to be a member of parliament for Sagnarigu constituency in the name she is not a Dagomba or Muslim.

Was Former President John Mahama a Muslim or a Dagomba?

We want to make it clear to such Cheap,Corrupt and incompetent mind like Hon. A.B.A Fuseini Playing tribal and religions cards  is undemocratic in the face of our democratic dispensation as far as Ghana is Concern. 1992 constitution chapter 5. Article (17) clause 2 state. A person shall not be discriminated against on grounds of gender, race, colour, ethnic origin, creed or social or economic status.

As a Good Muslim of which you Claim to be we the Concern Patriotic Members of NPP Strategic Communication Team Stands to Challenge you to Come out with single  verse in the Holy Quran that accepts discrimination.

So why this Irresponsible discrimination today? And as Good citizens of Sagnarigu Constituency we rather plead you to also come out and address this Issues to the good people of sagnarigu constituency if you thinks you’re indeed a responsible member of Parliament of our beloved constituency of which is very obvious you’re not.

Kpalsi/Gbolo road was to be gravel by our own brother whom you chase away just because of your rigid mind that he wants. to spoil your name. what happen then when he was chase away? We must be citizens not spectators.

He always cries laud that his party is not in power to give him enough support to be able serve his constitute well, We Challenge you to show as a single tarred Road which you Lobby for  the good people of sagnarigu constituency under your influence in office as the then Deputy Northen Regional Minister at the Erstwhile NDC régime and you where even lucky to have our own brother Hon. Inusah Fuseini as the minister for roads and highway’s.

He went round distributing benches to youth groups in the Constituency

is that what the younger generation needs?

Instead of lobbying for projects he rather lobby for proverbs in and around parliament.

Hon. A.B.A Fuseini instead of developing his constituent he turns himself then as contractor acquire tracks and other machineries

We know you uses chieftaincy as your campaign tools to became member of parliament.

If he continues to portray his rigid mind on these issues then there are fundamental question knocking at your doors for answers. In your Government you spend two terms in office without solving the impending chieftaincy problem during your terms in office and some one uses less than a year in office to solved our chieftaincy problem and among the two governments who contributed immensely to the peace and development of Dagbon and without his excellency Abudani 1 we wouldn’t have been enjoying this peace and development in dagbon.

We call on Hon. A.B.A Fuseini to applologise to madam Felicia Tettey

At this point we say emphatically that. Since Madam Felicia Tettey is a Ghanaian and live in the constituency for decade, vote’s in the constituency since the inception of sagnerigu constituency she is fit and deserve to a member of parliament.

We therefore appeal to the good and respected people of sagnarigu constituency to disregard the irresponsible and divisive comments made by Hon. ABA Fuseini.

And Chose a better candidate who is Madam Felicia Tettey even she is still an Aspirant she has proven that what men can do women can do better.

Madam Felicia Tettey our savior, women of beautity, talk and do.

Your constituent, the grass root Supporters. Say we love you. We are behind you we support you and your decisions.

We wish you good luck, God bless NPP God bless us all.

Thank you.


Abdul Somed Salifu: 0207518941/0247846266

Shahadu Abdul Basit 0556757558.

Abdul Rauf 0542892707

Source:AlhassanYakubu | | Ghana

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