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Leader of Shia in Northern Region Sheikh Dalhu declares to green Tamale and Sagnarigu to combat climate change

The leader of Shia Muslim community in the Northern Region, Sheikh Abdul Mumeen Dalhu has declared to green both Tamale Metropolis and Sagnarigu Municipality to combat climate change in this areas.

According to him climate change is a global concern which needs quick ideas and solutions to address the alarming challenges.

Sheikh Dalhu, who doubled as chief of Hausa Zongo of the Tamale Metropolis and spiritual leader, made this known after engaging some section of stakeholders in the Tamale Metropolis and Sagnarigu Municipal, to unveil his yet to be launch project, dubbed DALHU GREENING PROJECT.

 The spiritual leader speaking at his private residents at Fuo indicated that, it is an incumbent duty for every Muslim to protect the environment within their jurisdiction; therefore he is taking the initiatives for others to emulate.

“The environment has a right over us, just us we have right over it. We have a responsibility to our environment. Allah doesn’t change the condition of people, unless they initiate the change for themselves. We need to create the change for ourselves. We don’t expect anybody to create the desired change for us”, he remind the Muslim Ummah.

He said trees play a huge role in reducing atmospheric carbon dioxide, however the negative activities by human over the decades has destroyed most reserved trees  in the region, and that has worsen the effects of climate change in this part of the country.

“Trees are remarkable. They pull carbon out of the atmosphere. They are renewable. They are sustainable, and eventually, they even recycled themselves. All we have to do is plant them first to reduce climate change challenges”. Sheikh Dalhu stated.

Sheikh Dalhu also stated that nature isn’t just part of our identity, but, it’s also a part of the solution to climate change.

“We have to remind ourselves that, our natural resources belong to those gone before us, those of us living, and those who will come after us. We must therefore inculcate the habit of planting them to ensure that generations after us will not be deprived of their fair share of these resources”.

The spiritual leader speaking however called on various stakeholders within the Tamale Metropolis and Sagnarigu Municipal to partner with him to green the jurisdictions of the two assemblies.

Meanwhile, the stakeholders in their respond unanimously agreed to support the project to combat climate change.

Source:AlhassanYakubu | | Ghana

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