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Kalpohini communities without electricity blame their MP, Alhassan Suhuyini for deception

Some residents of Kalpohini electoral area in the Sagnarigu Municipality have openly invoked curses on their member of parliament, Alhaji Alhassan Suhuyini, for abandoning an electrification project in the area.

Their action, according to them was triggered by the failure of the MP to hook them unto the national grid after promising to do so in 2016. The residents invoked the curses at kalpohini chief palace where the NPP Parliamentary Candidate was paying a courtesy call on the chief.

According to them, the former independent MP of the area Alhassan Dahamani, in 2016 initiated the electrification project; however Alhassan Suhuyini who was at that time an NDC parliamentary candidate for tamale weighed-in to claim ownership of such project. This they added brought confusion between the current MP and Alhassan Dahamani.

Basically what they are saying is:We have no option then to rain curses on him, because he lied to us, we supported him massively during his struggling, but see what he has done to us, he has cause us a lot we don’t have good roads, no electricity in this area we are sleeping in darkness. He lied to us that he was the one initiating this electrification knowing very well he lied. We leave him in God’s hands to punish him for us.”

The angry residents who claimed to be members of the NDC said, they never spared aby of their party, the NDC that was in support of Dahamani because of SUHUYINI.

“We worked with him to snatch the seat from Dahamani, but see how he has treated us. We are close to Tamale, but we don’t have lights, some of the residents lamented. 

Source:Alhassan Yakubu | | Ghana

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