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Extreme and deadly hunger hit Chereponi

Chereponi District of the North East Region is in the midst of a catastrophic humanitarian crisis driven by over a year of brutal communal clashes. Majority of the population are facing extreme hunger and are in need of urgent aid. “Help us provide food, water and sanitation now”.

It is also reported that children in the area are worst affected, as majority of them is suffering from malnutrition. This is made known after the Northern Regional Peace Council tour the area last week. 

In 2018, a renewed land dispute between the Konkombas and Anufors who at the time were fighting over a three-acre land at Naduni, a farming community in the Chereponi district of the Northern Region led to clashes where four persons died and several others injured.

Several communities and foodstuffs were burn to ashes during the clash

Following the crisis which erupted in 2018, Chereponi has spiraled into a conflict, which has spread across most parts of the District.

People have been forced to flee their homes due to this brutal war. Most of them are women and children have fled to neighbouring communities.

The conflict has pushed the area into an economic free-fall with trade and local markets have been disrupted and food stock has depleted.

As people are forced from their homes, they lose their possessions, crops and income, and often get stranded in places where there aren’t enough facilities to support themselves.

Harvests in late 2019 were poor or non-existent for many; this is an extremely worrying sign for the long dry months ahead in this part of the country

It is also reported that, schools at the affected communities remain closed a year after communal clashes.

The situation is having a negative impact on academic activities in the District. According to the Assemblyman for Tegenga, one of the affected communities, teachers who fled the area during the clashes are yet to return.


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