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Dakpema Palace punishes two young bloods caught in recent sex videos. The lovers were lashed publicly and their parents fined

A male and female captured in a recently leaked pornographic videos have received twelve strokes of the whip each by palace guards at the Tamale Dakpema’s palace.

The Dakpema of Tamale, Naa Bawa Fuseini, who has summoned parents and the culprits at the centre of the infamous Tamale porno saga to his palace court, is also demanding two rams and some fowls from each of the culprit.

The animals, according to the palace spokesperson, MalguNaa Alhaji Majeed, would be used as an atonement for the crime and pacify the gods of the land for the sacrilege. He added that the rams, would be given to some Islamic clerics in the city for Quran recitations to seek the face of Allah for forgiveness for the young lovers and their families.

The Tamale metropolis in recent time has become the major hub for leaked sex tapes and pornographic images amidst other scandals. Mention can be made of the Kamil leaked sex tape where a young blood, now domiciled abroad is seen with different ladies engaging in unprotected sex that were recorded and leaked.

In the latest leaked sex tape that has courted the anger of the traditional authorities; the 31-seconds video that is in circulation; exposes the two lovebirds glued together and engaging in a bout of sex and was loaded on the status of a resident only identified as Papii.

The lady who is seen reacting to the leaked video had this to say: “I am braiding my hair…why won’t I braid my hair? Am I the first person to have my video leaked?  Keep posting we don’t want stress. We are in 2019. Tomorrow I am going to chill”.

The young male on the other hand, is seen in another video dancing and saying: “I am not bothered about them. I have not even seen them. Whatever you are saying is my ass”

Meanwhile Malgunaa-Alhaji Majeed, in an interaction with Diamond News indicated that the chief of Tamale took the decision to serve as a deterrent to other people in the area. He alleged that the conduct of the young lovers and the sex maniac, may have caused the draught within the metropolis – where there has not been any significant rainfall to aid farmers.”

He cautioned that the traditional authorities were ready to sanction any persons within  the jurisdiction that upload pornographic videos on social media.

“Our intention is to prevent these behaviors among the young people in the city. We are going to continue with this action and any videos that we see and we think that it is not healthy for public consumption, we will look for such persons and punish them severely,” he stated. Alhassanyakubu

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