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Chairman Samba and the Northern Regional executives vision of winning 15 parliamentary seats in the Northern Region is a mirage – defectors chairman of NPP

The chairman of defectors association of the NPP Abdallah Abass, has indicated that, the agenda by the Northern Regional chairman of the NPP, chairman Mohammed Samba of winning 15 seats out of 18 parliamentary seats in the northern region cannot be materialized,

According to him chairman samba after winning the regional chairmanship position has failed to honor most of the promises he made to the defectors of NPP in the northern region.

“I joined the NPP because of the vision of Chairman Samba winning 15 seats in the Northern Region. I am the chairman of the defectors of NPP. I have 250 members. If, for three years, chairman has not had the opportunity  to even said bring the defectors at a particular location for me to talk to them, how will he win the 15 seats”?, he quizzed.

“Just bring them on board so that I will come with my executives to encourage them. Ones, it has never happened. I went to his house to tell him about it severally, but it has never been take into consideration”, he narrated.

“Majority of our members in our party are suffering. Most of them just want petty jobs like Zoomlion and others. But the regional executives have failed to secure it for them. I have experience in politics because I have gone through difficulties in it. I told them that we are going to win the SAVELEGU seat and we did. And, I said Nana Addo was going to win with a vast margin, and it did happen. So, I am telling you that chairman Samba and the Northern Regional executives vision of wining 15 parliamentary seats is a mirage”, he stated.

He added that the regional organizer of the NPP, Alhaji Rasheed C.O.P also pledged to meet members of the defectors association of NPP but has since failed to do so. “How can we win 15 seats with this attitude”? he asked.

The chairman of defector of NPP expressing his frustration to said the lack of attention and neglect on the part of the Northern Regional Executives of the party towards his members is unfortunate.

According to him, the attitude by the Northern Regional Executives towards the party foot soldiers and the defectors members is worrying and can affect the party fortunes in the upcoming December 7th this year.  

Abdallah Abass noted that, the regional executives of the party had failed to improve the lives of defectors members of NPP, after their hard work of ensuring the party come to power in the 2016 general elections.

It is alleged that prior to the 2016 general elections, over 200 NDC and other political party members including Abdallah Abass defected to the ruling NPP.

Abdallah Abass claimed that the association which has over 250 members were “abandoned right after the election”.

“They are not taking care of us. They have abandoned us. They are not taking care of the party foot soldiers, not to talk of ‘we’ the defectors. It’s not the government but the regional executives. They are there to enrich themselves. They don’t have the party at heart”, he stated.

He said though the NPP led Nana Addo government within the three years had performed better than his predecessors; however he said that, “the northern regional executives of the NPP are doing well in other areas as executives”.

Source:AlhassanYakubu | | Ghana

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