Home ArchivesCampaigns for Musa Superior’s removal from office increases within the NPP’s fold in the Northern Region.
Campaigns for Musa Superior’s removal from office increases within the NPP’s fold in the Northern Region.

Campaigns for Musa Superior’s removal from office increases within the NPP’s fold in the Northern Region.

The woes of the Tamale Mayor, Iddrisu Musah Superior continues to deepen as Youth Movement for Justice and growth a pro NPP youth group in the Tamale metropolis has re-echoed the campaign for his removal from office.

The group at a press conference stated that the negative attitude of the Tamale Mayor towards his own party people in the metropolis seemed not to end and that could affect the fortunes of the party.

It would be recalled that executives of the governing New Patriotic Party (NPP) of the Tamale South and Central constituencies on 18 October 2018 petition President Akufo-Addo, calling for the removal of the Tamale Mayor, Iddrisu Musah Superior.

The constituency executives at joint press conference in Tamale accused the Mayor of denying them contracts, insubordination and hoarding of the assembly’s funds to further his personal ambitions.

Joining call for the Mayor’s removal from office, Secretary of the Youth movement for justice and growth of NPP, Haruna .A Rashid, on behalf of the group accused, Iddrisu Musah Superior of selling overpriced contracts to his own party people.

He also alleged that the Mayor had rented stores at the Aboabo market at exorbitant rates saying a single unit store cost fourteen thousand four hundred Ghana cedis, (14,400).

Abdul Rashid indicated that the group has evidence to back their claimed if Tamale Mayor challenges them. 

He appealed to the President to consider their petition by removing the Tamale Mayor from office to avoid further damages to the party.

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Good morning Ladies and Gentlemen from the press, we welcome you to this important program. Youth for Justice and Growth invited you to inform you about some negative attitudes of our Metropolitan Chief Executive, Hon Musah Superior which is dangerous to the survival and forward march of the NPP in the Northern Region for which we have petitioned the President, His Excellency Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo to remove the Metropolitan Chief Executive from office.

Often times, contrary to the decisions of the party, he takes decisions without recourse to regional party executives and constituency party executives under whose jurisdictions he presides.

Ladies and gentlemen, among the lots of misdeeds the mayor perpetrates and for which we deem as unhealthy to our wellbeing as people and as unhealthy to the fortunes of our dear party are that, Hon Musah Superior has sold contracts to NPP Party members at exorbitant prices (over GhC 120,000) without giving the said contracts to the buyers. This behavior is not only unhealthy but criminal and dangerous and we have evidence to this fact.

Secondly, Hon Musah Superior rents stores to market women at exorbitant prices at the Aboabo market. A single unit store costs fourteen thousand Ghana Cedis (GhC 14,000) and this price goes for 48 months only and again, we have evidence to prove this case just as in the above.

Thirdly, Hon Musah Superior has no respect for party structures and takes decisions which can ruin the fortunes of the party in the Northern Region and more especially the Tamale metropolitan area which Hon Musah Superior presides.

Lastly, Hon Musah Superior has directed all school feeding caterers to pay 10% of their reimbursed funds to his office to enable him support party activities and we want Hon Musah Superior to tell us clearly, one activity of the party he has ever performed or supported using funds accrued from the caterers.

Ladies and gentlemen, you can see clearly that these negative behaviors shown by the Metropolitan Chief Executive can ruin the fortunes of the   party in the region as well as the two constituencies (Tamale Central and Tamale South) which Hon Musah Superior has no regards or respect for the executives.

We are therefore calling on his Excellency the President, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo to hear our plea and dismiss Hon Superior as Metropolitan Chief Executive of Tamale to avoid further irreparable damage he is presently causing to the metropolis and the party.

Thank You.

Haruna A. Rashid


Tel: 020710190

Abukari Abdul Hamid


Tel: 0243976704

Abdul Basit


Tel: 0556757558

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