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Bonlun Irrigation Dam Dried up, Thrown Many Farmers out of Business

Residents of Botingli of the Savelugu Municipality have appealed to the authorities of Savelugu Municipal Assembly to rehabilitate Bonlun Dam to boost agriculture activities and improve livelihoods.

The Dam which serves as the major water supply source and irrigation in the communities, and its environs has its walls collapsed for the second time due to lack of maintenance, since it was built in the 90s.

Bonlun irrigation dam constructed in the 90s, has provided water supply for agriculture purposes to various communities including Botingli, Yamo,  Bonlun among others.

The dam during dry season also provided water supply for Savelugu Municipality and its environs for both domestic and industrial purposes.

Some of the residents explaining their frustrations indicated that,the current Member of Parliament for Savelugu constituency work on the dam in 2018 on similar challenges, however they added the banks of the dam broke again the following year, thereby spilling the water.

A visit to the Dam by revealed that the damdried up. It is discovered that the strong water entering the dam during last raining season forced portions of the heaped sand and clay, meant to contain the water to give way creating a huge outlet for the spillage. Therefore, the dam could not hold and store the water and that is affecting the communities currently.

Due to the current nature of the dam, it has thrown many farmers out of business particularly those who engage in dry season farming, as the farmers could no longer access water from the dam to continue their activities and improve on their livelihoods.

Some of the residents, who made the appeal, said the dam has supported agricultural activities such as rice and tomato farming, cabbage, pepper and other vegetables.

They lamented that due to the little attention by Savelugu Municipal authorities to work on the dam, about hundred farmers living near the Bonlun Irrigation Dam most especially women, whose major source of livelihood was farming were out of business and facing life difficulties in the area.

“If the dam is well maintained by the Assembly authorities, not only will it help supply water to the communities and its environs, but it will also help empower us to go into the dry season farming. Currently, we have nothing doing ever since the dam collapsed”.

“We used to engage ourselves during this period. As you can see, we are just sitting in the house doing nothing, and this is pushing our youth to migrate to the urban centres in search of greener pastures”, the residents stated.

Source:AlhassanYakubu | | Ghana

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